Sunday, December 30, 2007

GEt out of my life lah!!!

Had been reading CS's blog recently. For those who don't know who is CS, well, she was best friend. WAS is to be emphasized!!! AHhaahahhahaha~ Anyways, I was browsing through her old posts. Alaa... now no more friends but still I wanna kepo bout her life mah... Yeah lah... I very kepo. Why you care??? HAahhahahaha~ Ok, ok... Get to the point. I found a 'letter' written for me. *eyes lit up with glow* Hahahahaha~ Damn fake!!!

Like usual, she's all over herself. Typical her lah. Blaming everything on everybody else. In this case, me and my boyfriend lah.

I wanted to reply to that 'letter' but after talking with neney, I decided not to. Why so bo liao wanna sama-sama gila with her?

She wrote the 'letter' as though I'm a big fan of her blog. Hahahahaha~ You think I will read your blog ar? SO boring read for what??? If I am a big fan, I would have read it earlier lah. Hahahahaha~

I dun think she reads my blog coz I didn't tell anybody back home about my blog. Errr... apart from the gang lah. I dun even care if she reads, coz she kan wants me to spit everything rite at her face? I'm doing it lor. Actually I damn hope she will read my blog coz I want to get the message to her: GET OUT OF MY LIFE AND STOP MAKING ME MISERABLE!!!

I know... I could tell it to her. But I can't. I can't get myself to talk to her face-to-face. I know lah... Damn chicken right? I just can't get even with people face-to-face. Why so useless??? How I wish I could do it. Then people won't think that I'm easy kena bully. Sigh~ why am I born like that??

Anyways, here's the link to the 'letter' INNER VOICES

I'm not ashamed of what she said of me. Coz its not the truth and I have no fear of telling everyone that.

I used to treasure this friendship but now I don't want it back.

That's all for today.


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