Saturday, January 26, 2008

Malaysian Dreamgirl

Does any of you like to watch reality shows?

How bout reality shows bout models? Like American Next Top Model and Janice Dickson Modelling Agency?

Well, I adore them. Coz I like to see behind-the-scenes to how a model is in the making and how a photoshoot is going on and how beautiful photos models are taken.

And thanks to the people at Capxion Media Production, we have a Malaysian version of that show.


This show is pretty much like ANTM where 12 girls would be living together, competing in exciting challenges, expressing their inner and outer beauty while trying to win over your votes to win the first ever Malaysian Dreamgirl. But the different thing about this reality show is you wouldn't be able to watch in a the tv anytime. Coz it will be only broadcasted on the net.

So if you are very interested, starting from March, go over to this site: Malaysian Dreamgirl

Anyways, here are more info about the show if you are still not convinced that the shows gonna be a bomb.

The host of the show is Sazzy Falak. I guess she would be like Tyra Banks in ANTM. But she's a model meh? Erm... maybe she is lah. But I'm not sure. Haha~ Those who don't know who the hell is's a photo of her.

The next interesting bout this show is the judges. I was kinda shocked to see who the judges are. I mean not all of the judges lah. Only one of them. I think you guys would be shocked too.

Who do you usually expect to be the judge for model reality shows like this? Maybe a model? A fashion mag editor? Or maybe a fashion designer? Or a makeup artist????

Ok ok... I'll quit the suspense and tell you who the judges.

Judge #1

Did you expect this? I mean he has nothing to do with models and fashion right?? Why did they find him to be a judge anyways?

Ok ok... I didn't mean to say that he knows nothing. I am not condemning him ok? I read Kenny's blog everyday. And finds his post very very interesting. He's like my blogging hero. And that is why I searched for a bigger photo of him over the net. I respect him k? *salutes at Kenny's photo*

Anyways, I think he'll make a interesting judge. He'll be the reason I will keep myself tuned to the show. Can't wait to hear his comments about the participants.

So those who like reading Kenny's blog should watch this show as well. I bet the show's gonna be as interesting as his blog.

Judge #2

Beats me who this is. Apparently he is a stylist. Should be well-known I guess.

Judge #3
Miss Elaine Daly
I bet lots of you will know who she is right? A model and an actress. Well-known as well

Is it interesting enough??? It is for me!!!

Anyways, for those who are interested and wants to find out more bout the show, go here: INFO

I bet there are also those who are not only interested in watching the show but also dying to join it? I mean who don't wana be the first Malaysian Dreamgirl la wei??? You'll be the first Dreamgirl among all the beautiful girls in Malaysia. And you could win...
  • Nissan Latio 1.8Ti (A)
  • RM10,000 AmBank NexG Prepaid MasterCard
  • RM3,000 Wella Professionals Hamper
  • RM1,000 Escada Fragrance Hamper
  • an exclusive coverspread in NewMan magazine

Isn't it exciting???? All the things I want except for the last one. Hahahahahhaha~ I'm not exactly model material la. And its not what I wanna do at all. I just like to watch models strud their stuff.

Those who are totally the opposite of me and walking on the runway or being on the front page of something is what you crave for, get yourself to this audition:

~16-17 February ~10am till 5pm ~Selangor Room, PWTC, Kuala Lumpur

Here's the registration form: FORM

Anyways, for a quicker way to get infos and to view the show, just click on the ad on my sidebar. The one with Sazzy Falak on it.

Well, that's all for today...

See you guys in next post.


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