Sunday, January 20, 2008

My hit counter gonna go down... :(

Hey people...

I know some people are pretty worried bout me yesterday. I didn't wanna talk to anyone. I didn't wanna talk to the insensitive sucker but I couldn't coz da fella sms-ed me telling me not to get angry coz its bad for my health.

Many people didn't know that when I get angry, I sorta have this high blood pressure feeling. Its like the blood keeps boiling in me and it makes me hard to breathe. I only told Sinren bout this.

I don't know if its real high blood pressure or do I have it. I don't have the guts to go the hospital to get it checked because I don't wanna hear things that I would not love to hear.

Anyways, my mood had not been good lately. One of the reason was my monthly thingy is not here yet and it... does not freak me lah of course. I'm always stressed when its near my period. Coz half the year I suffer from severe period pain every month. And I hate it. I hate having to sit in the toilet beside the toilet bowl with that 'loya' feeling but can't vomit at all. I hate having to roll on my bed and scream like orang gila. I hate crying because it is so painful. I just hate it!!! Sinren told me to go do some check up to see if anything's wrong coz he said its not very normal to have pain this often. But like biasa I scared ah...

Next, I am angry because of the insensitive sucker. Why arh boys so insensitive??? Isn't there any boy in the world who would be sensitive enough and learn to do the right things and say the right things without being told to. WTF "Why you face black black (lian hei hei in mandarin) again?" I am 'lian hei hei' coz I'm born with a 'hei lian' lah. Dah lah know I hate people say I 'lian hei hei', suka suka say me like that. I think I know what to give him for Valentine's lah. The book, The Art of Speaking. Wahahahahahahahah~

Lastly I am damn pissed coz my laptop went kong. Actually the laptop's whole programme is still working lah. Just that the laptops's screen is a goner. Damn pissed lah. If I wanna use the laptop, I must hold the screen with one hand and type with the other. Today got even worst. Even if I held it, I can't see the screen properly. DArn it!!! How to blog and surf blogs like that??? How to live without those stuff u tell me??? And all the photos I wanna show you guys how??? Sigh~

I can either resort to using Jane's or Esther's laptop but I would have to wait till when they are not using only I could use it. By that time also its their sleeping time only I can use. Takkan I don't need to sleep right???

Ah Teck told me before that to repair this screen prob, I would have to spend bout 1-2k. WTH??? Its like buying another laptop d ler wei.

I told mum how sucky my laptop is. IT IS OK!!! Damn lame Acer's laptop. I mean damn lame this model of Acer's laptop. Dah lah speaker cannot be loud. The RAM pulak so low. I told her I wanna upgrade this and that lah. Plus sinren know where to get it all mah... But mama said why so susah. Spend so much money to upgrade might as well go buy a better laptop. So she told me to use till it get spoiled then only get a new one. Woots!!!! Since she said that... now that its a goner... LET's GET ME A LAPPIE MAMA!!!!

I am planning to get a pink laptop. But obviously my family could not afford a VAIO. And I am not working therefore I can't get one for myself. I heard that Compaq is quite good but Compaq computers are all black. Sleek but damn sien lah... Then I saw this...

Perfect la wei!!!

I don't know if Dell's good or what lah... I'm using Jane's Dell now. I guess its ok lah. Speaker also ok. Don't know lah. I just felt like buying it coz its pink. and I could think of the blings I could put on it. Sure damn nice one.

Speaking of blings... my handphone and mp3 is going bling. Woots!!! I bought this bling stickers from MIdvalley and did some designs on them. Nice lah!!! Wanna get more and get the whole thing bling up. See also happy lah. Can't wait to go to Midvalley again and buy those stickers.

Anyways, that's it lah. The reason why I didn't felt like talking/chatting. I may look like I'm a crazy and happy person all the time, but I do have times which I preferred to be left alone and cry. And the only comfort I wish to get is the insensitive sucker's kind and loving words.

Somebody teach me how to educate da fella lah. Why can't he just feel how I felt??? Why can't he fix a built-in radar in him to detect how I felt???

Maybe I should date a bapok. Maybe bapoks will know how to treat a girl right.

Bahs!!! I hate doing Music Education's summary.

That's all lah...


p/s: Will try to blog whenever I have the chance but less photos I guess.

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