Saturday, February 16, 2008

Dinner at Li Shan's

On the 7th day of chinese new year, we went over to Li Shan's house for dinner. Her mum and ah ye (granddad) prepared steamboat and some other dishes.

7th day is actually known as the human's birthday for the chinese. As in the birth of the first humans it seems. So its quite important to celebrate the birthdate of mankind with ya family. We, studying in other cities, are quite impossible to celebrate it with our family and also coz its a weekday so we can get back. Thus, Li Shan's mum invited us all over.

All those who went...
Supposed to be candid but this two had to pose... -___-lll

Esther's friend from hometown

Esther barged in and caused blurness... heheheheheh~

My fatty eating pudding until so happy...

Our latest nickname is fatty and skinny. So when two add together...

fatty + skinny


After dinner, we helped out to clean the dishes and wipe the table. Hmmm~ actually I only brought in Sinren's and my plate. Hahahahahahah~ Didn't help much.

So paiseh ne li Shan... Didn't help. :P

The future not-so-desperate housewives


Apparently, Li Shan has a pet. Which is like my old "pet" its a hamster. Just that this breathes, eat and shits normally.

Li shan's sister told me he is called ah pui/fatty. Sinren dear, you found your soulmate d...

That's his butt by the way. The thing keeps moving hard to take photos lah. Actually she had another hamster inside the cage. But it was hiding and hard to take the photo lor.

After cleaning up and everything, we sat down and started to play cards. We played Uno and "Kam Min Toi"(which I said in the other post was "Kam Min Tan". EHehheheehheeh~ Wrong d...)

I don't know how many times she must lose. Hahahahahahahaha~ Never won a game of Uno ever. Hahahahahahahah~ Coz she keeps forgetting the rules of the game. AHahhahahahahahaha~

Why lah I so evil keep laughing at my own room mate? Hahahahahahahahah~

Nobody is free to take my photo. So I took it by myself. But when someone is free to take for me (which is Mel), this is the outcome...
Not that its ugly but...not so acceptable lah... Hahahahahhahah~

While the girls play cards like gila, my neney watched Ladies' First, which is a show teaching girls about beauty. Hahahahahahhaha~ My boyfriend can teach me how to do my makeup next time.

Watch until so serious...

When we played "Kam Min Toi", don't know which fella damn 'cho lo' (rough). When "kam" (whack) that time, I felt somebody's nail poke into my hand. I didn't bother to see who lah. Coz I finally won after so many times losing (slow punye pasal). So moved on to the next round lor. While playing, my hand was so painful so I took I look at it. Manatau, it was bleeding.
Tak sempat wanna take photo of the cut. But it was damn deep lah. Here's a photo after I put a plaster on the wound...
Damn pain ok... Kena water nie I will scream.
I officially agree that this year I am damn sueh... Why did the stupid fengshui master must be so accurate??? Screw her!!! I still not gonna believe!!!

After kena cut d, I decided not to play anymore. Summore Esther left so there was not so fun with so little people playing. Li shan, Mel, Jane and YY played 'cho dai D' while Sinren and I watched Entertainment 100%.
The show was damn boring. The two host were talking non-stop. Summore its pure chatty stuff. About stuff they came across in the day. WTH??? Talk lah at home those things... not say interesting, why wanna share???

I got so bored and started to take other things in the house including this...
Tak sangka I everday scold people 'monkey face' and there it is, the most 'monkey faced' person in the world.
Its a lego with a over-sized monkey head. Don't know where they get it. ahahahahahahahah~

Before we left, Auntie gave us angpow and we took these last two photos....

I'm the beast and he is the beauty. haahhahahahahahahahahah~

Ok lah... That's all for today.

Valentine's day was great and I had a good time. Thanks baby...

Will post the photos soon....


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