Friday, February 15, 2008

My new best friend and not huh???

Recently I just got a new "best friend". But after hours of getting this "friend", I totally wanna get rid of it. Not that I don't like it or its a lousy "friend". Its just not a wanted.

In case, you guys are wondering about what this "friend" is, lemme show you guys...
Did you feel like 'zha dao'? Hahahahahahaah~ I wanted to buy a electronic pet for a very long time. So recently after getting my angpao money I went to buy it.

Actually I had a tamagotchi when I was younger. But I brought it to school and kena tangkap. No more tamagotchi for me.

Anyways, I went to Midvalley's Jusco to get the electronic pet. There were two types actually. One is Tamagotchi and another one is Littlest Pet Shop digital version. I stood there for like an hour just choose which one to buy. And because of its cheaper, I bought Littlest Pet Shop.

There were many type of pets but I decided to choose hamster as my "littlest pet".

See the thing so pretty right? Its like the shape of a hamster cage and summore its pink.

The upclose of it

The pet charm to indicate the pet that I'm rearing

These two things are the charms hanging by the side of the thing. this is actually used to feed and groom the pet without having to press any buttons. this quite convenient like suddenly my pet is hungry and I am in class or something, I could just feed it or groom it.

You guys must be wondering how do I feed it or groom it with those two charms right? Not that I could poke it into the screen and feed it or scrub on the screen to groom it right?

Well, there are two ports that allow me to poke in the two charms. Which is these two...

And this will make sure that my pet gets fed and groom at all times without having to press the buttons.

And there's one more item which is important to make sure my pet is happy and healthy. Well, of course pets like to play and exercise. So this button comes in handy...
Doesn't this button looked like the wheelmill to let hamsters run in? Yeah, damn cute right? When you press this button, the screen will show the hamster running in the wheelmill. Damn damn cute.

Anyways, take a good look at the hamster. The charm thingy may look ugly but in the screen it looked damn damn cute....

So damn cute right? I tried taking it facing the front but hard to catch that moment lah.

Anyways, I like this thing alot but somehow its not the electric pet I was looking for. So its not working for any of us. WTH???? hahahahaha~ So I've decided to sell it.

Yes, you guys heard it right. I'm going to sell this electronic pet. Coz no point I wanna keep it right? Coz I can't use it and its probably stay there like the way it is. So anyone of you interested? Or do you know anyone interested? Its a good gift to nieces or your daughters or whatever. Erm... I mean Christmas is over but people have birthdays right?

I bought it for RM66.90 but I'm gonna just sell it for RM50. Its brand new. I only played it for few days. Although the box is gone, but the manual/user's guide is still there. Oh yeah... I have already stopped using it so no worries that the battery is running out.

So who ever is interested, please mail me at or leave me a message at the tagbox. I will tell you all about the details.

Well, this is meant to be advertorial. I will post more other things soon to come.


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