Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Time for new furniture~~~

The sofa tore... Daddy gotta get a new sofa d.

He tore the thing while I'm away in KL but when I realized about the tear, he said I did it. WTH???

I don't care I'm gonna make him but new one coz this sofa is damn old d. Either from Lorenzo or IKEA. Heheheheheehhe~ gonna die paying for it. You little cheapskate dad!!!

Anyways, just got back from Li shan's house. We had a small dinner there. The 'we' is myself, Sinren, Mel, YY, Jane, Esther and Esther's hometown friend. Li shan's mum and ah ye (grandfather) made us steamboat dinner which is damn good. Eat until tummy wanna explode. hahahahaha~

Then, we played cards. I only played Uno and "Kam Min Tan"(something like that lah... forgot the name), which is something like Snap. I tell you... we all play the "Kam Min Tan" until damn rough sial. My hand kena cut ler wei!!! Damn deep summore. Why am I so sueh??? T_____T Maybe the fengshui fella is telling the truth. It is my bad year... I tell you... really damn sueh can? Today alone I bump into an asshole, felt down and bruised my leg and then now cut my hand. Tell me what is sueh if not this. T_____T

Not many photos were taken but will post them up soon. I promise it will be real soon. Maybe tomorrow if I didn't go out at night.

Tomorrow's Valentine's Day. I've got the present ready but I don't think we will be able to celebrate on the day itself. Coz we both have classes till late. Then we can go out at night coz we had no car and Auntie Michelle didn't leave her Pink Panther (the car) with me. So had to postpone to Saturday. At least not too bad coz I just saw his cute lil fatty face just now. hehehehehe~

gotta go off now. Had to write a touching long essay for my neney. Heheheheh~


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