Monday, March 17, 2008

Fuck the "M"

I walked all the fucking way to SKR, which is the hell fucking far, in the fucking sun. Felt so relieved that SKR has aircon.

Stupid fella asked me what faculty am I from. Told her Pusat Kebudayaan. "Tunggu kat luar sini yer. Ada orang kat dalam". Fine I can wait.

Then this stupid "M" comes in and nobody asked her which fac is she from. Then she just go in and cut the fucking queue. I was there like so long edy can???? The stupid fella cannot tell her that I had been there???? So she's a "M", stupid fella can side her???

Then another moron came in and barge in right in front of me and cut the fucking queue again. WTF?????? Why everybody bully me today??? I got "come and bully me" face today is it????

Just because you're a "M" you bully me lah??? Just because you fat you can pretend you cannot see me la??? (Too thin punye pasal!!!)

Fuck fuck fuck!!!!

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