Monday, April 21, 2008

The confession of the shopaholic


I promised that I would show you guys the two tops I bought recently right? Well, here are the buys that made me go broke.

HEre's item #1

And it costed...
I've asked a couple of people who had almost the same jacket about how much they bought and most of the answers were RM20+. T___T I felt so stupid for buying it so much more expensive than them. But after thinking bout the brand of the jacket...sigh~ I think should be worth it la...
The brand of the jacket is kinda well known but then coz its in FOS so its that cheap. I went to that brand's store before. I basically cannot afford any of the clothes lah. Unless they have like 70% discount that maybe I could pay for it lor. But usually in the 70% are stuff right all like shit like that know. Sien wanna go see also.
Shy wanna tell the brand's name la. Coz now probably a lot of people will think I so cheapskate until must go dig for branded stuff at FOS. Aiyo~ poor mah... If I can afford sure I go and buy from the brand's store rite? I know... don't buy branded when you are poor. But I didn't buy that jacket because of the brand lah. I bought the jacket coz I want that type of jacket and so coincidentally it was in that particular brand la...

Camwhoring session with the jacket... hahahahahaha~
This is how I look with the jacket

ME likey the collar a lot. But actually can't see clearly coz I was wearing black inside. So stupid. Hehe~
Posing like giler

I realised that the zip could be pull all the way up to the top...
Like Puff said...somethings never change. Hehe~ I am still freaking weird eventhough I changed from a tomboy to an ah lian then to a lady (don't deny the truth....wahahahaahah~).

I call this the bogey-wogey dance starting position

HAhahahahaha~ tu lah... when your boyfriend is in a meeting and your room mate is out dating, you tend to lose your mind a bit.
The jacket could be a turtle neck top too...
Now people will get scared and won't read my blog any longer... T____T I better get back to my normal self before my hits hit rock bottom. T____T

That's the normal ladylike looking me

I repeat I am ladylike ler... PEople just don't see it. My boyfriend can prove that I am. Right fatty, right??? *pulls his leg and beg that he says yes*

The next item was...

Bye bye...RM100.... T___T

Trying it on once more at home...
If I had bigger boobies perhaps the bust line will look better

*considering plastic surgery*

Looks like a normal piece of top you see else where right? What so special right? WHy spend RM29.90 on it right???

Coz if you guys didn't realised it, I said its a hooded tee. I like any tops or jacket with hood so that's why I bought it.
Acting emo ker posing like a model???

Ok lah... this is the normal me lah... Satisfied? A total lala in the ladylike outshell. HAhahahahah~

Well, what do you guys think of the two tops I bought? I think I have too much sleeveless (and also slutty) clothes before this. MAybe because of the influence of some bitch who used to be my best friend?? Hehehe~ Blame other people pulak. Obviously those clothes can't be worn to uni right? YOu think UM is a club or what shit? Summore I don't wanna get the attention of ham sap lous (perverts). Did I tell you guys one apek wanted to flirt with me on the first week of uni? Coz I wore a tube top out waiting for bus. WAt was I thinking??? The apek damn scary ok??? He kept asking me stupid questions like "Where are you going?", "I'm sure you are not from MAlaysia, let me show you around." THen keep coming closer to me. I ran up the bus right away when the bus comes and he followed. DAmn scary ok!!! Summore he came close to me. Of course Sinren was already on the bus and I told him about the apek. SO he hugged me tight during the whole journey to wherever we were heading to (I forgot where).

So I switch to wearing mostly t-shirts ever since I enrol into UM. But one thing didn't change is that most of my tops are deep V cutting. hehe~ Mama complained about it the other day. Aiyo~~~ I cannot wear sleeveless and tube tops already. Just let me wear low cut tops lah... I need to show my feminine bit also right??? OR the lack of it... haahahahahaha~ Quoting deepa: "Wow... that's coming out from the mouth of the QUeen of Flatness?" Wahahahhaahahah~ Thanks deeps. At least I'm a queen of something. WAahahahahah~

Ok lah... me gotta go nappie coz gotta go practice piano like gila tonight.


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