Monday, May 12, 2008

The Exam Period that has passed


Today's line was fabulous and I uploaded photos quite fast. Hmmm~ Maybe it wasn't the line that was good. Its just that I had less photos to post. ^_^

BTWs, I hate blogspot coz when there are too many photos in a post, they go laggy and made me blogging real slowly. It had been a year since I first blogging here. Many new stuff was added but that had not improved. =_= Come on.... do something about it.

Anyways, here are some of the photos I took during the exam period.

Sinren came over to study with me
So sweet of him.... actually I forced him to come. Coz I know that I will not see him during the exam week.
Study ker sms another girly???

Wahahahana~ joking. I know who he was sms-ing.

Look at daddy. I circled him with red. People are busy studying at the dining room while he just sat there watching tv the whole night. Shit ass!!! Old man has the best life ever!!!

New nickname Sinren gave me

I called him "Ren ren" all the time. And now only he realised that other than "Oi" he could call me something more cute. -_-lll

Looks like he's more into studying than me

Performance Theory

I don't know what subject is this but apparently it has got something to do with devices. Like pendrive...blah blah blah...
We had some snacks that we bought from the petrol station some other day. Some more my fridge was loaded with lotsa food. It was madness. Mama knows that I'm a heavy eatter. Wahahhahaahah~
Current favourite

It will be a miracle if I pass Performance Theory coz I wasn't really concentrating at all...

Li Shan's house
A day before the Performance Studies' finals, I went back to KL and started my stay at Li Shan's house.
Her sleeping for 15 minutes always turn into more than an hour. Some more its a hard wood flooring. She can sleep so soundly somemore. @_@

Trying on her new sweater

Damn lame. Acting as if it was damn cold.
Sorry. I was too bored

I reckon that there had been too many scary photos of myself in the blog. Its scaring lots of readers off. T_T
I failed to be a beautiful blogger like everyone else.
Studying at Mel's
On the way to Mel's, we saw this guy wearing a green helmet. I guess he's not chinese. Coz chinese doesn't wear green helmet. It means your wife is having an affair with somebody. That's why you are wearing a green hat/cap/helmet. Wahahahahah~

I love Toto

Damn cute right?

On the way to eat Pan Mee at TTDI

The owner of the Pan Mee's stall

While waiting for the food to come, all was studying/trying to memorize the notes while I pig around. =_=

The drinks:

The PAn Mee
Mel and Esther had it dry while Li Shan and I had soup.
It tasted erm... not bad la. I don't really like the mee coz its too thick. Like eating flour. But...
The chilli sauce was glorious. It was damn spicy but it was really good. I think there was lime juice in the chilli coz it was quite soury. As in the lime taste. I love anything soury. Woo hoo~

Melayu Asli's Final Exam
We find humour in everything
That's all.
Will be back tomorrow or later. Hahahahah~ Don't know what else to do online but blog. Coz all the blogs I read had already been read. Damn sien already. Somebody tell me some interesting blogs' url to stalk.

Sigh~ I don't know how to do my proposal. Hand in two already but turned down by Prof Anis. MAde me totally lost confidence in doing. Somebody help me....T_T

Sigh~~~ Don't know how to end this post...

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