Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Go Go Karaoke at Jetty~

Hello!!! (^*^)/

I recently went to Auntie Nika's and got my hair trimmed.

Coz it was looking like shit already coz I had not trimmed it for ages...

The fringe super long huh?
I told Auntie Nika that I wanna grow out my hair in layers. Coz my hair is freaking thick so if its cut evenly, it will make my head looking enormous.

I didn't straightened it. Auntie Mika blew dry it straight for me. But I planned to straighten it some day during June and highlight it. I couldn't possibly be a curly head for the moment coz I had no time to take care of it. Straight hair is more manageable.

Anyways, last Wednesday we had another gathering again. This time we went to sing K at Gogo Karaoke at Jetty.

Thought of being funky so I wore this~~

While waiting for Nana to come fetch me, I camwhored. HAhahaahah~

I experimented to see whether my fringe looked better either...
...swept to the sides or...

... straight bangs?

What do you think? I personally prefer straight bangs, which is what I had since Form 6. I think that I looked cute this way. Haha~

Nana fetched me then Puff and Deeps (Technically Soon was driving), then we went to Jetty first coz we need to be there 15 mins prior the time we booked, which was 6pm.

Gogo Karaoke was situated at the far end of the jetty. You could either walk there or lazy bums like us could opt for free buggy rides (which are actually golf carts) to get there.

I am quite embarrassed to say this but I had not sat on golf carts ever eventhough my dad plays golf every weekend. That's coz I hate golf and had never been to any of his games. =___= Anyways, I was quite thrilled and scared to sit on the buggy ride. I sort of screamed (in moderate volume) on the way to the Karaoke Centre. Haha~

It was really windy and bright at the jetty. I could hardly open my eyes

The darker versions of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie

wtf~ Hahahahahah~

Pulau Melaka is a manmade island built by the gov to accomodate more people. I find it ridiculous. There's no one living there and they built so many houses and shoplots and as you can see a mosque. Who goes there to pray la wei? They are just giving the tsunami something extra to destroy (@___@)'''

Self-satisfying shot while waiting for the others to arrive

On the phone with Raj of course

The natural lighting in the room was fabulous. So we took lots of photos before the sun goes down.

The sun made us looked 10 shades fairer :)

I chose this photo out of millions we took

(okay... I was exaggerating)

True Friends who were never late

The three of us were never late for any event/gathering. That's why we gave ourselves that name.

Anyways, I am damn pissed when people mistaken me for Malay. I know that I am not fair to start but its damn irritating. This stupid worker at Gogo Karaoke came into our room coz the aircon was not working and the freaking tv's remote control was not working. What stupid karaoke is this you tell me? Don't even have the aircon's remote control there for us to switch on the aircon. You think we so free to steal the aircon's remote control is it? Summore arh... the tv's remote control was supposed to be using 4 AA batteries but they only put in two. Damn difficult to use ok? Save on batts for what you tell me? No money to buy, you come to my dada's shop, I give you special discount wtf. Okok... the stupid worker came in and asked what was the problem and spoke in Malay. I looked at Deepa and wondered if he was talking to her but he was looking at me straight into the eyes. WTF???? Why is he talking to me in Malay? I can't even speak proper Malay ok? But seeing that he is damn dark (darker than me ok?), I assumed that he was some Indonesian or whatever. So I answered him in the most broken Malay ever. With that, any sane human would know that I'm not Malay d coz Malays don't speak broken Malay. But he came in a couple of times and still speaking to me Malay. I thought that he was Indon and forgave him. One time he was saying this...

The worker: Mana itu kertas kamu order bilik ini. Saya mau check betul tak kamu book bilik ini. (WTF you think I wanna simply barge in to you lousy karaoke and sing is it?)

I don't know what stupid paper he was talking about but Soon, Nana's bf came and I pointed at him and told the worker

Me: Lu tanya dia. Bukan saya yang book.

Guess what as soon as he turned to talk to Soon, he spoke to him in Mandarin. WTF WTF WTF!!! I was damn pissed ok? Is he blind???? Do I look like a Malay??? OMG??? Please don't tell me yes ok? I will be damn sad. I got even more pissed when he enter the don't know how many times and speak to me in Malay again. I got so pissed and picked up the mike and announced "I CAN SPEAK CHINESE YOU KNOW? IN FACT, I'M A CHINESE" And all he did was stare at me and left the room. WTF???? Can't tolerate people who discriminate dark skin people.

WE had a surprise for Deeps and Puffy on that day. It was a way belated birthday celebration. None of us were in Melaka or free to celebrate their birthdays with them this year. so we delayed it till now.

We gave two surprises. One was the cake which they totally didn't expect it coz their birthdays are way over too long. And the other was lying to them that Peili couldn't make it to the gathering AGAIN!!! Damn sad ok if Peili doesn't come for our gatherings... Coz she's studying at Sabah and we can only see her twice a year which is damn rare!!!

See how happy they were

OMG!!! (~o~)!!! Ghost in daylight!!!

The food sucks. Somemore had to pay for it. I still love Neway. Why don't wanna come and open in Melaka la??? Faster come la... *drops to the knees and begs*

This was good 'tho...surprisingly

Didn't take any photos during the singing session coz I was busy singing. Didn't get to sing all my favourite songs coz most of them are in chinese and my friends don't understand a shit of chinese. T___T I miss singing K with Li Shan. Baba~~~~ What are you doing in KL??? I miss you like gila...

toilet shots

We went to eat Satay Celup after that...

I think I forgot to introduce those who went to the gathering rite?

I missed out Puff and my solo photos. NVM la~ You guys probably knew who were coz our faces appeared too many times d.

The couples:

My bf went back to KL coz UTAR already started uni. T___T I should have been in the couples' section. T___T

*waves at Sinren who will be reading and points at my new hairstyle*

In case you have forgotten how we looked like

Lovely coconut trees at the back (^___^)

It was damn difficult to take photos with Ann coz both of us laugh at every little thing. Every single thing we do was a joke. Haha~ So many of our photos failed coz we burst out laughing out of the sudden.

Noticed the (half) middle finger at the back??? Hahahaha~ Pay back time Ann!!!

Serious at last

Bloody fool Ann!!!

We went to Jetty again...to gossip and compete throwing stones into the sea with some lame young boys. Seriously man!!! WE were just throwing stones playfully and suddenly these boys were like challenging us. But Puff shut them up for good by throwing the furthest.

I was such a disgrace to my bf, who can throw damn far, coz I only managed to reach the seashore. Didn't even touch the water at all. T___T

Lizzie took over Anu's place being emo


Ann got drunk is it???



lol... I just couldn't help it, Bu. Damn hilarious la...

But here's the original photo if you really wanna know how it looked like...
She said she was Elvis

Gotta take more photos with Li coz we'll probably be seeing her next year during CNY or after she graduate. T___T

I shall end the post with two photos of two mentally challenged women...


I don't know whether should I stay in Melaka for the Hear Us Out concert or go for popo's birthday party on Saturday. Hear Us Out concert is something I will be doing for my thesis which was Christian Contemporary Music but if I don't go to KL for popo's birthday, its like I might not get to see my cousins maybe till next year. Summore I miss popo also. T___T So difficult to choose lah... Anyways, at the end of June, will be going to Genting with my parents and bf. Supposed to be a romantic getaway for me and Sinren but...sigh~nvm la... can go, can d la rite? Can't wait man!!!

I need a new handphone. Somebody sponsor me with one. Maybe I should get another bf who is rich :P

Ok la... Gotta go do something to earn money.


p/s: I was totally joking about getting another bf. Hehe~

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