Friday, May 9, 2008

Is this the start of the holidays?

Well, technically my break starts on tomorrow. But because we (the second years) still have 2 presentations on our waiting list, we can't be let off yet. Damn Zzzz...

Anyways, I haven't started on any of my presentations yet. One of it is another composition for Composition class. Zzzz... Its supposed to be a composition on poems. Like so artistic huh? Maybe En Ayub knows that we are not capable of making up lyrics that's why he made us use poems. Haha~

The other one is also a composition for a short snippet of a movie. Something like a soundtrack. Around 20 to 30 seconds. Damn it!!! I felt so stressed just thinking about it. Maybe I should start working on them tomorrow.

Then there's the analysis for theory and proposal. T___T This is shit man!!!! Tell me can I get all this done before 16th of May??? Damn worried la wei!!!

Ok, putting those stressful things aside, I am now in Li Shan's house. Blogging on her lappie. Had been here since Monday. Quite fun la. Her sisters are damn funny and like typical all-girls' house, they fight like gila. Hahahaha~

Lets see what have we done lately? We went to YY and Yiing Siing's birthday celebration (which I will be blogging about it later. The photos were too many, I had to merge a few together) and sing K at Neway today.

Tomorrow's gonna be about books and presentations and assignments for me coz Li Shan will be teaching for the whole day and we won't be going out.

Currently reading: Notorious by Cecily von Ziegesar (the one who wrote Gossip Girl)
DAmn nice la... Bought it at Borders for only RM5. I am so cheapskate lah... Buy everything also must go when they have damn cheap sales.

Well, that's all the updates for now. Will blog once I finish editting the photos of the birthday celebration.


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