Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cuppiecake...prinsezz version

For dad's birthday, i decided to break my baking virginity. Hahahahahaha~
Novice chef dookikie

This is embarassing but i hve this handwritten cookbook which i copied recipes from mags, websties and cooking shows. but i had not tried anything that was copied. i just believe that one day it will come to good use.

Come to think of it... i did cook something from the book. its called "Shiitake spinach udon" which i'm a pro in cooking now. Can improvise and make up other types of udon. *pats self on the back*

Well, yesterday was the day that the cookbook came to good use coz when i decided to do something for dad for his birthday, i browsed through the book to find something simple to cook and i found this...

Its called...

I wanted to make it a surprise coz manatau tak jadi right? Then dad will laugh till his flase teeth all drop off. Hahahhaha~ He always said that I only know how to mess up the kitchen but never made anything edible. T___T So mean ok? He saw me fail making Li Shan's "Rocky Road Crunch Bars" and said damn loudly: "I told you not to do already lah..." So bad right? another reason i wanna bake is coz i wanna prove that i can make something right not like what he always said. I can do it!!! so i bought the ingredients secretly and didn't tell anyone about it. Erm~~~ except for sinren.

Anyways, here are the ingredients. Its super easy so you guys can copy down the recipe and try it out. an idiot in kitchen like me can do it, so can you!!!

Muffin mix
No experience in buying whatever mix so just grabbed the first muffin mix i saw. Anybody knows what brands are better?
I used half of the mix coz I was afraid that I made too many cupcakes and if they turned out like shit then it would be wasted.

60g of unsalted butter

Two eggs

Fresh milk

Erm... only needed 3 tablespoons. I don't know if that makes any difference but I just dunk it in.

Cocoa powder

Once I heard popo said that VAn Houten is the best cocoa powder. So I bought it. Slightly more expensive than the other one I saw.

Use only 2 tablespoons and mix with warm water.

Chocolate Chips

First, preheat the oven at 170 celcius for 15 minutes

Then, melt the butter like this...

Add butter, eggs, milk to the muffin mix. The fold till it settles. Lastly put in the chocolate chips and cocoa powder and stir. Then it will look like the photo above.

Grease the cupcake mould

Pour the muffin mix into the mould

Put it in the oven, bake for 20 minutes at 200 celcius

Praying hard that the cupcakes come out nice

Yum yum yum

Unfortunately, the first batch was a failure. My oven had some problems so I couldn't control and fix the right temperature. Sigh~ gotta go bring it to the repair shop soon. Oh ya, I also bake it a little too long. 15 minutes should be sufficient.

Ee yer~~~

Damn sad ok? I felt devastated coz i thought what dad said was true. But then I tried one of it and it tasted damn good. it was just that the top was burned. The top tasted horrid.

So I tried the second batch, bake it at 150 celcius for only 10 minutes.

Praying really really hard

The nice side

The 'Chao Ta' (burnt) side

i cut off the burned top of the first batch cupcakes and put colourful sugar rice on top:


I know its not that nice looking but don't judge a book by its cover. Its tasty ok?


After baking, I felt really exhausted. I guess that's what people said about being tired but happy and satisfied. i was dead tired coz i sacrifice my sleep for this (yes, i need to take a nap. cannot is it?). But i was happy and satisfied coz i've made it!!! i bake something with success and it tasted good. now i can tell my dad "blueks old man!!!" Hahahahahaah~

I hate cleaning after cooking or working in the kitchen...

That's why I won't cook that often. I'm gonna get me a maid to clean up after I cook next time. (When I got the $$$ lah...) I don't care if the maid could cook. Just clean after me can d. You hear sinren liow? You want me as your wife better hire a maid. Hahahahaah~

But getting good responses from them was enough to cover up the hard work.

He said: "Good..."

And its all that matters... ^V^

She said: "Not too favourite"

I said:"Yay to me!"


We had the cupcakes at 0000 which was already dad's birthday and went to sleep after that. Hahaha~ Like pigs la our family. Then, mum and I bought him a gift which was a belt this afternoon. At night, we had angel hair bolognaise which was cooked by mum and I helped a little bit. (I put the pasta into the pot...hahahaah~)

Well, HAPPY 56TH BIRTHDAY DAD... He doesn't read this but I'll force him to read this line anyways. And to Joan Low, which I think did read my blog... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU TOO. I don't know how old you are coz you won't tell me. What type of cousin is that???? T___T

Ok lah... Tat's all for today.


Note: This was posted on 26-06-08...but now only came out coz i clicked on some wrong buttons. Sorry yer...

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