Sunday, June 22, 2008

Its crap coz I have nothing to update


I'm just back from KL. Have not uploaded photos I took so upload some old photos that I had not uploaded earlier.

Taken last week during Fathers' Day.
My dear whom I had not seen for almost a month. Still trying his best to ruin my photos. Wahahahaha~

Oooo~ I haven't highlight my hair back then. Still had to pin up my fringe coz its looks like crap.

We celebrated Fathers' DAy at Portuguese Settlement. My fave place for seafood. Yum yum yum~~~
What we had

As usual, it was the best.

My favourite dish was the sotong fritters. Like I said, nobody could fry sotong as good as the kampung people. *shows thumbs up* Ikan bakar was mediocre. I think Newton's ikan bakar was better. Dad didn't allow me to order kangkung belacan coz he said ikan bakar is already spicy. He didn't want too much spicy food. Aiyoyo~ I'm a peranakan. I love belacan ok? I rather not have the ikan bakar. (-__-)=3

After dinner, Sinren came and fetch me off and we went to 'pat toh-ing'.

Too lazy to put on makeup. So I wore specs.

We went to this Book Fair which sold books published by China publication. They looked so fake ok. Sinren bought this book for his class at RM13. His other book got robbed so he had to get a new one. The one he had before was bought from Popular Bookstore and was hard cover. It was RM20+. This one cheaper but the cover was soft and the paper damn ciplak. I saw some piano scores which was also from China publication. Some composers were quite difficult to get in Malacca usual bookstores. Thought of buying but then the quality was really bad. It looked like books that had been used and damn old looking. But then if its for my own use should be ok right? Still thinking whether to buy it or not. The fair is till end of July.

Then we went to Graha Makmur park to watch Heroes. Hahaha~~~ Damn lame. We didn't really watch la. We just sat there and chat about our future. <3<3<3 size="4">right???? Right????

Remember this picture I drawn for the Nuffnang event? *Click*

I got bored and drew in Sinren's version of an animal. I made him a rabbit. Hahahahahahah~
I forgot how to use Photoshop. Hahahahah~ So I edited this photo quite badly. Wohoohohoho~ But my drawing is quite nice rite? I love it a lot.

Tomorrow hopefully I can post up the photos I took at KL which are mostly crap. Wakakakakakak~

I wanna go zoo and shopping. Somebody come and join me!!!!

K lah... Chaoz~~~

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