Thursday, June 12, 2008

Kungfu Panda Day

Went to watch Kungfu Panda at MBO with mama last Sunday.
My verdict??? It was so hilarious and meaningful. Totally love it. And mama loves it too. But the seat that we bought was a bit too front. So its was quite uncomfortable.

Madagascar 2 will be out soon. Don't know when. I think should be damn funny also lah... Can't wait!!! *shows eager face*

What I wore

I watched some show on Discovery Travel and Living about fashion. They said that when purchasing a bag, its good that you choose a bag that suits most of the clothes that you own. I think the yellow/white stripes bag I bought from Voir serves me well coz I could pair it with almost every outfit I have. Whee~~~

After the movie, we went for lunch. At first, mama suggested McD. but I got sick of McD. So i suggested Sushi King coz I craved for Japanese noodles, whatever type. But then we saw Nando's and decided to go in coz Mama had never tried Nando's ever.


Haha~ Sorry ma... Another unflattering photo of you XD

I ordered Lemon and Herb coz all the other flavours are too spicy for me. Sinren ordered Hot PEri-peri when we went for NAndo's once and nearly cried coz it was too spicy. HAahhaah~ But then again I could eat spicy stuff better than him. So i think I won't cry eating Hot peri-peri.

Nando's sidedishes are not as nice as Kenny Roger's. Not much varity. I would say that I still prefers Kenny Roger's if were to compare between these two.

Mama didn't order another set of chicken meal coz she didn't think she could finish. There's this promotion... I forgot the name (again!)...all you have to do is add RM10 and you'll get four extra food.

The extra:
Which was bottomless till you leave :)

Look and taste like naan

The only other pita I tried was the pita daging that Sinren bought for me at Port Dickson's pasar malam. It was so long ago that I don't really remember the taste anymore. But I think pita tastes better with a little bit of meat.

Mum said that it tasted better like that

Did you know *sounding like some National Geographic channel fella* pitas are the most filling bread in the world???

Totally useless fact. (-_-)lll

Not your typical mushroom soup

As far as I remembered, you could choose the flavour of your soup right? But the waiter didn't ask us. Did I get it wrong? I remembered yeas ago the gang had Nando's and each of us had different flavours. Anyways, this soup is quite spicy. Not the black pepper sort of spicy. Like chilly sauce spicy.

A surprise

Which was a cupcake

Tasted better than Kenny Roger's muffin.

Love the peri-peri sauce but its a little bit too spicy. Even the least spicy one (Garlic Peri-peri) is damn spicy for me. T___T Tu lah... Don't want to learn how to eat spicy food since young... But then the ketchup is not spicy lah... Haha~

After lunch, we went window shopping for a bit. FOS at Jusco was crap. Got nothing there that could be bought. Haha~ Didn't really buy anything (coz its a window shopping session what...) except for some groceries at the supermarket.

Anyways, about the Korean boys' turned out that they will be performing without a pianist. Don't really know the whole story but it seems that Auntie DF went to tell them to perform without a pianist. wtf rite? Where got people like this one??? Weird little lady... But whatever la... none of my business.

Well, that's all for today. Lunch time...


p/s: Sinren will be back this week. Whee~~~
p/p/s: new poll... please show me some love and give your opinions.

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