Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Meow meow meow~

Hello hello~

Long time no blog. Sorry coz I was busy with my bf who got back last week. Love you honey dear...

Anyways, those who wanted to see me suffer, here is how I look when I had my period pain:
Thanks to Kwan Li Shan who captured the glorious moment. Hahahhaha~

This was last month when I had the worst period pain in public. *click* Actually mama told me that I had another experience which was worst than this at Hatyai. She had to drag me around coz my leg turned jelly.And my face was so white I scared everyone on the same bus as us. Thank god it was already the last day of the trip and we were leaving already.

This month thank god I've got everything in control. yay! No pain at all and I was able to go out and skip around. Hhahahaahha~ I should mark down these good days down and make sure I follow what I did on these months that I don't get my period pain. Then I will be able to control it and bubbye pain. *kiss*

This is how I look when I imitate a Popteen model:
Winter Wonter


I did the same makeup, dress a little similar and did the same pose as the Popteen model. Haha~ Told you I was really bored.
Soh Rich
That's seriously her name. Hahahaah~ cAn you believe it? But I'm not sure bout the spelling 'tho. Next time if I get married to Sinren, maybe our child should be called Liow Habis. Hahahahah~
And I think my cousin could call his son, Pang Sai (Shit). Hahahaahhha~ or PangPui (Fart!!!) Hahahahahaha~ I just disgrace my surname but sorry, its damn funny. How bout the surname Goh? Goh An Die. Wahahahahahah~ I've thought of another name for Soh but I won't say it... Hahaahahha~

Anyways, the kid is mama's friend's granddaughter. She comes over quite often along with the grandma. The grandma talks with mama while I play with the little baby. The kid shouts "mam mam" at everything she saw. Haha~ But its fun playing with her coz she laughs at almost everything. Just like me. Hahaahhaah~ I like kids like that.

Actually the purpose of this post was to show you guys my kitties but added some crap for no reason. Wakakka~ Here are my little kitties anyways...damn excited to show you guys...

I waited till Mama cat went out to get this lose up shot
So cute right? Their either curl together or hug together to sleep. Which reminds me of Sinren T___T. I've started to miss him already.
She's damn paranoid
Whenever I goes out to do something, she glares and growls at me (like a tiger ok?) I'm quite afraid that she might pounce at me and scratch the crap out of me. T___T But recently she's much friendlier but still shows her claws at me.
Their daily routine is fight, fight and more fights
Ma said that this is their way of playing. Imagine human babies playing this way. My gosh!!!
Apart from fighting and sleeping, they walk around the porch smelling everything in sight. Oh and recently they started to eat solid food. Yay!!!
Its fun looking at them. They are dammit cute. Well, Mimi's cute as well but she's a bit over paranoid. And she eats like a pig. Finishes everything in the plate that we put but after still meows for hunger after that. (-___-)lll

One last crap before I roll...
I read it in Popteen(its my fashion bible) about this type of shaver. Not like the other ordinary shavers you see. Usually, before shaving you need to either put shaving creamor shower foam right? The thing about this shaver is that after you wet your legs/armpits, then you could use it straight away coz the blades part at the front will discharge foamy substance like shaving cream. Damn good right? When the foam finishes, its also the time to change the blades and the blades' refil could be easily bought from any mall.
I used to recommend people to use Gillete's (Is that how you spell that?) Passion Venus, which was also recommended by Popteen, but now I would recommend people to use this. But then its only suitable for people who shave not so often(like me. Whahahahahahah~). For those who shave every two or three days, Passion Venus is still a better choice.
Well, that's all the crap for today. Will blog soon coz I've got a new hairstyle. Woots!!! See you guys soon....
p/s: I have a big urge of going to Zoo Melaka. Anyone up for it?? Contact me... Hhahahhaa~

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