Monday, June 23, 2008

Met up with Miss Junie Pig


I got punished for using dad's phone to call Sinren. Hehe~ I can't go online more than 2 hours. T___T There's no freedom at home. Why like this??? Dah la the line so slow. Upload one photo need to take up 5 minutes. If I had 20 photos, you count la how long I will take. I rather she ground me. Not that I go out also. Wahahahhah~ So I don't mind. Don't la cut down my online's time. T____T But then again, when mama's working, I online how long also she doesn't know right? Wakakakaka~

Anyways, last week was my ex-classmate June's birthday. I sms-ed her and she asked me out. I haven't seen her for about 3 years ok? After she left to MHS (Melaka High School) for form 6, I had not seen her since. Sigh~ other than the gang, I hardly met up with anyone from high school. Why like this you tell me??? Those from IJC who reads my blog, please call me out lah... I really wanna meet up with you all.

I was quite broke coz in Melaka dad doesn't give me allowance. For what right? I'm at home the whole time. Give money to spend where? But then the night before going out, I left a note on dad's wallet...
translate: Dad, I'm going out tomorrow so I need money. I have none left

Haha~ I have a normal relationship with my dad. It just that he slept d. So I left the note so that when he wakes up, he sees it and give me some sedekah. Hahaahahah~

June also asked Deepa out. So Deepa came to my house and I drove us there. We met up at Mahkota Parade's SEcret Recipe. I had been craving for cakes so I asked June to meet us there.

No photo of myself coz I forgot to take it (-____-)lll

The food we had

I had the Oreo Milkshake and BBQ chicken with rice. The milkshake was heavenly like how Li Shan said it was. Mr Sinren liow who knows how to make it still doesn't make it for me. (\_/)=3 The BBQ chicken with rice was nothing special lah... Like normal western food shop also got only.
I craved for cakes but didn't have any. Hehe~

Pics with Junie, the pig:

Deeps and June

The two pigs

I chose this blur one coz the one with flash made me look super ugly. That's why I hate flash. Bleh~~~

After lunch she left coz she had to bring her sisters and cousins to zoo. Hahaha~ Should have call me also right? I wanna go zoo so much. Sigh~~~~ Never mind lah... We can still meet up next time in Melaka or KL. Kan she drove to uni right? Can come and find me one mah...

I used to have a crush on this guy and people made fun of me for it. Coz it was like I had a crush on him after meeting him once and he said one sentence of words to me. June was one of them. But now he's her bf. Damn shy right? (-///-) Summore she still makes fun of me. Yer... damn paiseh ok?

Ok lah... enough of shy shy. A trip to a mall is never complete without buying things. Here are what I bought (I should stop the habit of making sure that I buy something everytime I hit the mall -___-):

I bought this bow clip coz its in fashion right now. Everybody is into the Gossip Girl satin bow thing. This bow could pass as a satin bow right? I mean its looks like right? Popteen also said that bow are in right now. So I decided to buy it right away when I saw it.

But then there is something wrong with it. A small flaw. Can you see it? Lemme point it out for you...

Aiyo~~~ its cheap so what do you expect right? I don't think people can see that small thing right? Plus its the only one left so I gotta have it.

How cheap it was...
In case you guys wanna know, I bought it at Hot Market. The place to get damn cheap stuff. But then not all things are as nice as the bow. You gotta dig up the things and go row by row to search for nice things. Here's where I bought my whole lotsa earrings collection. But then now they don't sell earrings anymore. Wonder why...

Look a bit lala if I clip it on the side of my head but if its for some dinner or some special event quite ok right? Somebody at church is getting married soon so this could come handy. Hahahaha~ Think so early for what? The wedding's on November.

Actually, I intended to buy this clip so that when I tie my hair up half it'll look nice.
But then can't see the bow coz my hair's still too short. Sigh~

How I look if I tie my hair up a bit

Aiyo~ I smile senget again. Must learn to control the smile lah. Damn ugly!!!

Finally found Popteen in Melaka!!! Damn difficult to buy ok? Last time I could get it from MP but then I couldn't find it. I think somebody bought it or they don't wanna sell anymore coz nobody buys it except for me. T___T Tesco also don't have. Finally found it in a corner bookstore at Giant. Aiyoyo~~~ Please continue selling lah... Or else I don't know where to get it already.

The cover was Boa. Isk~ I don't like her. Coz she's acting all diva. Not say very 'geng' also. Always lip sync. Then when people interview her nicely, she gives her trademark "blackface". Bleh~~~ Sorry lah neney. I know you like her but she's really damn not likeable.

But I still bought it coz this month is all about...
Spring Clothes

I know, i know... spring is over but then in Malaysia, spring clothing could be worn all year round right? So can take some notes on how to wear/layer my clothes.


Anyways, I forgot to tell earlier on, Deepa and I watched this after June left...
It was a typical chick flick so it was pretty typical. But I love chick flick. I have dozens of chick flick dvd in my dvd collection. I love to laugh at dizzy jokes then cry at the touching parts.

Patrick Dempsey's not that good looking like how everyone is gaga-ing about. Maybe he's not my type. He's like damn old looking. Saw him in Enchanted already thought that he's not so good looking but my friends all said he's damn good looking. The "man" type of good looking. Got meh???

After watching Made of Honour (and many other movies about marriage), I really wanna get married. Haaahahahah~ What you waiting for Sinren Liow? Got people "han ka" (dying to get married). Who's gonna be my maid of honour? Alex Ang already booked the place. Hahahahahah~ Imagine him runnning around with my wedding shopping. Hahahahaha~ And buying lingerie for the first night. Wakakakakakakakaka~

I collect all my movie tickets

I love GSC Melaka. Their ticket price is cheaper than MBO. But then they show crap movies and only four movies coz there's only four cinemas in it. But then its Friday and the ticket price is RM6. Damn good right? I wanted to use my uni card coz with it I only need to pay RM5. But Deepa didn't allow me to. (-___-)

Ok... that's all for today. Will post up the KL photos tomorrow. I saw other blogs and saw the photos of Nuffnang Wild 'Live' Blogging. T____T Looks like damn fun. So sad... T___T I really wanna go. All thanks to dad who couldn't close his office earlier and get to KL earlier. T____T Mum saw and thought it was such a waste for not attending such fun event T___T Why didn't support me earlier la ma????

Sigh~~~ its over lah... Nvm~~~There's more events to come right?

To end the post, here are some camwhoring photos of myself of course:


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