Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Crib in KL

Like I said, I went to KL on last Saturday and Sunday with mum and dad. Didn't do much. Just moved some ofmy stuff into the new place I'll be staying in this sem. Lolz~ I stay at three different place for my three years of uni.
Went to eat at a few food courts. (apparently dad wanna try out food at KL's food courts) Then went shopping at IKEA and Cineleisure and that's all. Oh yeah. Went to church also lah...
Here are some photos of the new place. Didn't take many photos coz its still in a bit mess. Will take more photos once everything is settled.
This is where we sleep

Cupboard area

Mine is not exactly a cupboard. But I don't know what to call it. Its like a five tier storaga drawer. I will be sharing the shared cupboard with my other room mate. Hopefully all our clothes can git in. Haha~

My other roommate's spot

I'm thinking bout what to do with the wires coz its quite messy this way. Anybody has any suggestions?

The dresser filled with Jane's stuff

A note to those who will be moving in with anyone. Be the first to move in coz you can be the first to place your stuff and you can put it anywhere you like. The later you move in, the least space and priority you have. Unless you are moving in with your bf its a different story coz then you are the queen. Wahahahahahaha~

I rather live alone than to have roommates but then due to convenience, its better to have roommates than none.

I love my storage drawer coz its pink and black

Planning to buy more pink, black and white furniture. After graduating, all these will be in my room. Then it can be a beautiful pink, black and white prinsezz room like how I wanted it to be.

My mattress

Mama covered it with this ugly bedsheet so that dusts won't dirty the nicer looking bedsheet underneath. Like cover dead people pulak. HAHAHAHAHA~

We stayed over for a night at the new place coz Auntie Michelle was not home so we could not stay over at her house and godma's place is too far from church. The new room's pretty cooling at night. Its like having natural aircon. Maybe the weather was cooling lah. Wonder around July will it be still this cooling? (Did you know *sounding like the National Geographic fella again* that July is the hottest month in Malaysia?)

Well, that's all bout the new place. Not much about it right? But will take more photos soon. Oh yeah~ from our balcony, we could see Genting Highlands. Like for real ok? But that is if the sky is clear and the weather is nice lah. Not the whole GEnting ok? Stupid Paulie asked if I could see people on the roller coaster. wth??? Hahahahahahahaha~ Can only see the lights.... (-___-)lll

Nothing much bout KL coz Sinren was holding my bag the whole time and I didn't bother to ask him to hand me the camera. Plus KL only mah... Takkan tak pernah tengok right? I just went IKEA and Cineleisure. I go Cineleisure so often I think you guys saw too much photos of the place d right? And IKEA...what is there to take right? Summore I was having a severe migrane on Saturday night. No strength to take photos.

Alright, that's all for today. See you guys in the next post.


p/s: Its dad's birthday tomorrow!!!

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