Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Popo's 72th birthday celebration

Hello~ (^V^)/

Photos from popo's birthday celebration are here. It was really a short trip to kl. We were there to have lunch and rushed back after. Didn't even get to meet my love for a sec or go shopping anywhere. T__T Erm~ actually I did met up with Sinren. On the webcam lah... which was quite enough I guess.

Zhi Xuan, Chong Hao's daughter

She's damn cute ok? She can do the fish face that Sinren and I love to do. Haha~ And she's definitely a big fan of Stitch like me and Viv coz when I gave her my Stitch's handphone pouch to play with, she took and kissed it non-stop. HAhahahaha~

REached KL around 1pm. Aunties, uncles and cousins arrived and we started lunch.

The food

My favourite was the Mutton Rendang. Oh!!! I missed Thanu's mum's Mutton Rendang. It was the best

I guess everyone else loved the Mutton Rendang as well coz it finished damn fast.

Note: In the photo, there's a typo error. Its Mutton Rendang not Redang. Maybe its a sign taht I should go to Redang. (^_^)V

Popo's birthday cake

Sorry I took it upside down coz too many people were taking it on the other side.

All the grandchildren were asked to stand behind popo to take photo. But not all were here. Popo had 13 grandchildren but only six turned up.

I looked stupid in this photo!!! (>_<)

My god!!! Look at Wei Xian's smile. Hahahahahaah~~~~ And Ethan's always blurred out in family photos coz he's too hyper. HAha~

I looked good but Beulah does not (-___-)lll

Ethan blurred again... Hahahaha~

I tried looking for a photo that everyone looked good. But then too bad I was looking at other people's camera instead of my own.

Ok right?

Popo couldn't stop looking at her cake

Prolly coz it was too beautiful. Hahah~ But frankly speaking, the cake was not tasty at all. I thought I was bias coz I loved Secret Recipe's cheese cakes to the core. But then auntie Melinda complained as well. So I guess I was correct after all.

This part was the funniest. Popo didn't wanna blow the candles coz she was afraid she might spit on the cake. So she used her hands to fan the candles to make them go off. But it was taking too long. So mama went and clapped her hands on top of the cake and the candles all went off. Damn funny I tell you.. Then auntie Joanna said: "Wow~ now we know the new way to put off candles" Haha~

Popo was extremely happy

Everyone asked where Sinren was. Isk~ Didn't tell me that I could bring him!!! Would have asked him to take the bus there.

After everyone left, I went to godma's room to go online and webcammed the afternoon away with my dearie. <3<3<3

Oh! I met up with Jeremy who came after everyone left. He said he'll be going for National Service next week at Sarawak. So nice right??? And so brave of him. As far as I remembered his mum was always worried about him when he was younger coz he had lots of sickness. But now so besar panjang already. Summore so tall. 17 years old and 190cm... Alex who is same age as Jeremy is only 160cm ok?

Then Auntie Joanna came back from cruise (she works on the cruise) and gave me a couple of things included a pair of Swarowski earrings. Like diamonds sort of shiny yo. Damn nice...

Damn alike right???

Popo's more sepet compared to mama


We left after taking photos with popo. Our short 4 hours trip to KL ended just like that.

I wished I could spend more time with popo and take more photos with her. Coz its quite rare that I meet up with her. Eventhough she's at Cheras and I'm in PJ, I hardly goes to visit her. After losing ah gong, I know its important to spend more time with your grandparents coz you won't know when will they leave you.

Maybe starting next sem, I would have to visit her every month. Then I could spend more time with her. I never appreciated the time when I stayed with her when I was younger. Now its the time to do it.
Well, that's all for today. Will update soon.


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