Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Roaring My Way To Nuffnang Wild 'Live' Blogging

There’s this Nuffnang event that I am very interested to go. It’s called Wild ‘Live’ Blogging.

What’s so interesting, you ask? First of all, you would have to dress up in animal themed clothes either in animal costumes or just plain tees with animal drawn on to it. This event is powered by Maxis Broadband so on that day there would be free broadband to use and nuffnangers could blog right from the event live. Damn nice right? And what more? You could get to meet all the blogger king and queen. As if its not enough, if you won the best dressed for the event, you could stand a chance to win a Dell XPS M1330 laptop. So what am I waiting for??? Gotta steal a chance to get into the event.

I had already planned on what to wear to the event. I wanted to try something least popular coz if its popular, the whole place will be filled with these costumes. Ie: bunny, leopard or cat.
Oo~ sexay…

So I tried searching for some other options.
Does this look like a lamb to you?

I once dressed as a shepherd for Christmas but never a lamb. Hmmm~ should give it a try huh?

Are peacocks allowed?

I think if I wear that costume, I think I will whack people as I pass. Wahahahah~ but it looks rather carnival-like and happy to me. Not a bad option right?
This is damn cute ok?

But then again ladybugs aren’t animals right? They are insects. So I’m not sure if that’s allowed. But I would love to dress up as a ladybug and I could get the costume easily actually. I could get a red skirt and stick/sew black circles on it. Then wear a black top, black stockings and black shoes. Woots!!!

I found some options which were not such a good idea 'tho. But it was quite hilarious really.
Yay~ let’s dress as a fly


Flies are also insects so I think its not allowed. But I think it would be “head-turner” for the event. I would love to take photos with a fella dressed up as a fly. Wahahahahah~
Ladies and gentlemen, a kangaroo…

This guy teaches people on his blog on how to make costumes out of cheap stuff. Damn funny ok? The toes are gloves. Hahahahahha~ I would look for ideas in his blog but most of them looked too funny. I want to look beautiful at the event. Not act as a clown. HAhahahahaah~

But I had decided on an animal that I would love to dress as. This animal is my favourite animal but I’m quite worried to dress as it ‘tho.
Oink! Oink!

I think the event’s supposed to be halal right? Is it alright to dress as a piggy?

I could go and find the pig’s nose and ears then slip into a pink dress. Would be damn cute right? I could imagine it in my head already and I even drew it out.

Well, hopefully I am the 100 nuffnangers who are lucky enough to be picked to go to this event. It would be better if I’m the top 50 glitterati nuffnangers so my best friend could come with me… Sigh~ why doesn’t she writes a blog??? If she did I would have asked her to join nuffnang and we could go to events together. T___T

Keeping my fingers crossed that I get picked. V(^v^)V

Anyways, those who are interested to find out about this event could click here…. *oink oink oink*

Well, that’s all for today.


p/s: even if I can’t pull off that pig’s costume, I’m gonna draw me a special animal tee to go.

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