Monday, June 9, 2008

Update Update Update *edited*

I haven't much photos to post coz I haven't been goin out. But there are a couple of random updates that had been going on.

(i) A cat came to my house and gave birth to two kittens. One orange and one black. Now they don't wanna leave the house coz I think its too comfy here. Mama put a box with soft rug in it for them. They sleep in the box when its cold and on typical hot days they sleep in the dustpan, curl up together. We feed them with fish bones, fish heads and milk almost everyday. Mother cat growls at me angrily whenever I goes close to them. Aiyo~ not that I wanna steal her kittens also. Wanna bring food to her mah... Oh... I gave the names too. The mother's name is Mimi and the two kittens are Jiji and Blackie. Hahah~ *edited* Blackie came and smell my toes. Haha~ Damn cute.

(ii) I bumped my head into the wall. Hahahaha~ Now I got a big "pau" on my head. Why? Coz I was looking at the cats out at the sliding door. Erm~ I looked out on them every night from there lah. Why? Very weird is it? Then as I walk out from the curtains, I don't know why I never bumped into the wall ever but I knock right at the sharp part of the wall. Felt a wee bit of concussioness and tears instantly flow down my face. Damn painful ok? But I didn't end up boo-hooing loudly lah. I think one drop of tear fell nie lah. Then I sat there rubbing my head. Now my forehead is a size bigger than usual. Wahahahah~

(iii) I'll be accompanying 2 Korean boys for our church's concert this Sunday. They will be playing the flute. Damn excited but the problem is I don't understand a shit of Korean and they don't speak English at all. I can only rely on my digital encyclopedia which can translate chinese to English. That is only for me to talk to them. I still can't understand them. How? How? How???? Plan cancelled coz of this particular auntie who is so damn fickle minded. The story is like this... Lets call the fickle minded auntie, Auntie DF. Auntie DF and auntie S asked the Korean boys if they wanted to perform on the concert. They said they could play they flute and they asked for an accompanist. Auntie DF asked Auntie S who could be the accompaniment pianist. Auntie S said me. Auntie DF was hesitated and said if Auntie S heard that the Koreans need a pianist. wtf rite? i know coz they already asked for a pianist earlier right? Auntie S thought Auntie DF gone crazy coz she was there when they asked the Koreans. So last night we went to the Koreans' place to talk about when to practice and stuff. Then we settled with practice on Wednesday afternoon then rehearsal on Friday. I got home and got all worried coz I was afraid that there might be communication between us coz I can't speak Korean and they can't speak English. At least if they were Japanese, things could be easier.

Then today Auntie DF called Auntie S and tell her "Er... I think better don't call Dorcas to play the accompaniment lah..." And the reason is??? "She's a girl. I don't think she can mix with the boys. My son can mix with the boys better. Moreover I think my son needs more experience coz he's planning to do performance" wtf???? Hello!!!! Why is she discriminating a girl and discriminating people who plans to take thesis? I tell you... I know a thousands of people who would go stomp on her. First of all, her son who is a SON is one of my best friend. Do we have any problems "mixing"??? And what the hell is "mixing"? Now you cooking la is it? Then if your son really needs the experience, you shouldn't have to ask people to suggest an accompanying pianist. Should have suggest your son right away.

Damn angry ok? Not that I beria-ia wanna play for the Korean but its the answers she gives that pisses me off. I really hate all the weird, non logical answers she gives all the time. I'm so angry I'm going to talk about her more than ever.

Her son told me he wants to study music after form 5. So I told him its a great idea and he must study hard so that he could go overseas coz studying music in Malaysia sucks. Then after learning the news, she comes to me and blame me that I give her son empty hopes of going to overseas. She doesn't want her son to go overseas coz she's overprotective. HELLO!!!! I'm just encouraging him. Isn't it good for him to study overseas? At least he can do better there right? Then she summore said what you know??? She said that KL is a place of devil. People who goes there will become bad. WTF???? She discriminating and insulting KL people ok? And all those who studies in KL... STUPID!!!

Then never mind. He finishes form 5 and asked me what uni to go coz apparently his mum only allow to let him go to overseas when I go to study Masters. I had not planned whether to take Masters, she had already planning for me. wtf. i don't care about her and help plan for my dear friend. I told him to go to MIA but after hearing somebody said that MIA is not as good as UM now. So since he's planning to be a performer, that somebody suggested UCSI. The mother went to UCSI and found out that there's super expensive but she didn't say it was the problem. Her problem was... UCSI is too quite and not many people there, looks like an unhappy place to study. WTF???? I wanna go there to study also no money. He could but gets stupid reason like that from her mother. You know how many UCSI students that succeed or not? Well, I don't know exactly but should be a lot right??? Unhappy place what shit???

Then she says that she will put her son into ICOM. ICOM's fees were more crazy ok? Once you enrol, you must buy a laptop which cost RM12000. Don't know what the hell for. Then I felt weird coz my friend wants to do performing but ICOM is more for the industrial thingy like recording, composing...etc. Why does he wanna go there? I told her lah... She said what know? "Oh... the place there very nice, a lot of people, the people there very friendly" WTF???? REally cannot tahan her lah... But in the end her son is not going to ICOM after all. Coz she heard that its not that good. and where is he going to? A christian music school. Good lah... now he could be a pastor and plays nothing but christian music. But learning Christian music in the devil's lair (KL konon) good meh???

Ah!!! Damn angry with her arh!!!! She totally made me lost respect for her ok? Here I was trying to help her son but all this crap I have to face. Bleh... That's why I chose not to help people so often nowadays. Coz its useless. My poor friend, hopefully he could do what he likes lah... Coz I know he doesn't wanna go to christian music school also.

I also hope that he doesn't goes crazy accompanies for the Korean boys. Hahahahaha~ The last time I played duet with him, he got so stressed out. Haah~ Good lah. All this are all his mother's "good job".

(iv) I made some crunchy bar and they failed badly. Nobody dares to eat it except for me. Hahahah~ Sinren will eat it if he's here. Baby... come back la faster!!! But Mama comforted me by buying more cooking chocolate so that I can try again. Thanks ma...

(v) Watched Kungfu Panda with Mama. It was damn hilarious. And had a great afternoon with mama on Saturday. Whee~

(vi) Finished re-organizing my room. Now its the study room's turn.

(vii) I have decided that its not appropriate to be slacking anymore. I decided to make a timetable on what to do everyday. Hopefully I can follow it.

(viii) Apparently I can't highlight red coz I'm not suitable for it. It will make me darker in skin tone. So I have to choose another colour.

(ix) My cruel auntie told me that I looked ugly with long hair and asked me not to grow it out. Which part of looked ugly in graduation photo doesn't she understand?

Well, that's all but I have some random questions to ask you guys. Please show some love and answer lah...

(i) Where to buy light blue pastel nail polish. Sinren asked me to try lighter colours instead of dark red, dark pink, dark blue and black. I know I don't suit light colour nail polish but to prove that it really looks ugly on me, I will buy and apply it to show him.

(ii) What colour should I highlight my hair?

(iii) How to earn more money?

(iv) How to gain more weight on my face, hands, fingers and breast? And lose weight on my thighs and tummy?

Sigh~ That's all lah....

I'm going to rot at home. Somebody save me!!!


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