Friday, June 13, 2008

What is going on with the safe Malaysia I once knew????

Last night while watching "So You Think You Can Dance? Malaysia's Edition" (Yay! Zen went out!) I received a call from a non-contact caller. Picked up the my handphone and answered "hello" joyously as usual. Then a very familiar "hello" replied. I thought I know this voice very well but couldn't understood why he called from another number.

That person: Dorcas arh?

I knew who that was and instantly my heart dropped. Something bad had definitely happened.

Dorcas: Yeah?
That person: Sinren here.

He was kinda shivering. Not the type that shiver kao like me when I'm scared. I suspected that he lost his phone again coz the last time he accidentally "threw" his phone instead of his bus ticket into the dustbin (-___-)lll he sounded like this too.

Yes, he lost his phone yet again but this was much more serious than the last time. He was robbed by some fellas who pointed a knife at him. That asshole took his entire bag which includes his files and wallet and also his handphone. What a bloody ass!!! But what worries me the most was how was he. He assured me that that asshole didn't hurt him but took all his belongings.

What is wrong with the world man? What is the meaning of "safe" to you guys? Can we still walk around anywhere with our belongings? Is it still safe to bring anything out these days? Can we still go out without being feared of somebody pointing a knife at your throat?

I had not fear of any of this before coz it was what I would imagine that would happen to things in movies or overseas. But NO its now happening in our own country and what's worst in our friendly neighbourhood (erm... its not that friendly lah...). You tell me...who dare to go out somemore at night????

Anyways, Sinren said that the robber was stupid coz he only has RM50 in his wallet and a total of RM0.15 credit in his phone. And in his bag, there was nothing but Amway files. The only valueable things he had were my photos in his phone and wallet and the wallet that I gave to him last year for his birthday.

That was sweet lah but then my dear, you have to renew everything ie: IC, ATM cards, driver's license...etc. That's lots of work and money coz I dropped my wallet and lost everything in it too. summore have to wait for them to get everything done arh... Can die I tell you. Summore he has to go get a new phone. Poor boy doesn't have much money to spare d lor. But he told me that we could get the same handphone and ask discount from the shop owner coz we bought a lot of stuff at the same time. Damn cheapskate right we all? Ney, maybe we could ask Sheene to buy together too. Then it will be damn cheap. Hahahaahahah~

So worried of him lah... Felt like running all the way to KL and give him a big hug and kiss his face kao kao. But then I couldn't run there coz its damn unsafe to do it. T___T I miss you baby. Faster come back... Oh yeah~ the stupid robber took his wallet and his bus ticket back to Melaka today was stolen. T___T How???? Hopefully somebody loan him money to buy another ticket lah...

The hardest thing now is that he can't sms me. We sms everyday and turning to sleep without his "老婆晚安" (Good night, wifey) message was quite difficult. And no "老婆早安" (Good morning, wifey) today was not a good way to start my morning. T____T

Hopefully he comes back early tonight and I'm gonna hug him no matter what....

Ok lah... I wanna go cook lunch d. Porridge again.... *sighs*


p/s: Mel said that her friend's cousin's cousin's father (damn far arh... haha!) passed away coz he was slashed by robbers. OMG!!! I want my safe enviroment back!!!!

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