Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bad mood...

The mood is damn bad nowadays. But to shut some people's mouth up about me being weird, I decided to put on a smile on my face all the time. Its real fake really. Smiling eventhough you don't feel like to. And acting as if you don't care when you are really lonely. But I guess that's life.

I miss home. I miss my best friends back home. I miss MElaka's food. I miss mum. I miss my comfy bed which I can cry my heart out without hiding back anything.



Last WEdnesday, Sinren came to UT to help me fix my cupboard (or is it shelf????). To thank him, I decided to make Sutchi Fish Fillet for him.

For those who are interested in knowing how to make it, can see carefully and learn la. DAmn easy only... (This is the same fish fillet we had at The Gang's last gathering *click*)

Of course, the first thing to do is to buy the Sutchi Fish Fillet (or any other fillet) from your supermarket. Then defrost or let them melt off from ice. Wash the fillet (I don't know for what but mum asked me to do so). Its almost ready to be fried but you need to coat it with some ingredients first to create a crispy and golden coloured skin.

First coat it with...

I don't know if other flour works but mama asked me to use corn flour.

Can anyone tell me the difference between corn starch and corn flour? And what's the purpose of both?

Then next, "bathe" the fillet in...

Lastly, the most important ingredients is...

BRead crumbs will give your fillet an extra crispiness. Erm~~~~ that's what I learnt from the cooking shows I saw.

I heard that goat cheese could be fried this way as well. Anyone tried it before? CAn anyone tell me how does it taste like???

Sinren and I each fried one fillet respectively. This is our final "hasil"

Guess which was fried by moi???

Haha~ the ugly and smashed up one is done by me and the bottom one looking more like the normal fish and chips was fried by Sinren. Told you I'm not the best cook in the world. Summore got bf who could cook, what's the point of being a better cook rite? Let people serve you is the best.

This is what we had for dinner that night: The sauce in the red bowl is tartar sauce which is my speciality in making and the soup is leftover soup I made for lunch. ITs called Dorcas' lapsap soup. The secret to making the soup is dump everything you have in the fridge into water and add soy sauce. HAhahahahahaha~

HE who is a better cook than I am

ME who is forever spoiled by him

He gave me the better looking fish fillet to eat but I didn't want. Shy lah... Ask him to eat my ugly fish fillet. How can right???

AFter dinner, he washed the dishes coz I was lazy to do it. You guys know how I hate cleaning up after cooking right? *click* Love my boyfriend lah... HAd to bare with me this type of gf. If I was him, I would have left and let my gf do all the dishes herself.


Photos of my new phone...

Still in the box

Still resting...

In my palm

This is how it looks without sliding open. Like this I could listen to songs on my playlist, listen to the radio, answer my calls and take photos.

Sliding open

Couldn't find a better wallpaper coz I haven't put any photos into the phone so I set the violin wallpaper.

I like this alot... ^____^

Nice right? THis is the back of the phone. Got nice engravement. There's two back covers to choose from so I chose this with the engravement coz its just too nice.

I didn't wanna buy the screen protector first coz I heard its quite costly so I didn't peel the plastic covering the phone. But days gone by and the plastic covering kept peel by itself and it became this ugly. And I still don't wanna peel it off. DAmn ugly right I know... But then better than the screen kena scratched right????

I tested the phone's camera and it was not bad.

But of course it does not have flash so in dark places its kinda dark.

ANd I love the special features of the camera especially mosaic...


Got a few new furniture for my new home in KL...

A table from IKEA

The name of the table (top) is Vika AMon and the legs had another name which was Vika Curry. I have no idea why they had different names. Its parts of a table what. Same name can d lah...

PAiseh ahr... the table so messy coz I belum clear up at that time. Now it looks better.

A book cupboard from Carrefour

Which was cheaper from Jusco's one. Jusco sold around RM20+ but Carrefour's only RM16. This is the cupboard that my dear fixed for me. <3>


Shiu Li bought a table from Jusco recently and while helping her to move the table to her room, I cut my leg. DAmn deep ok the cut... Don't know why the sides of the table so sharp. The wood must be damn kao low quality one lah... Don't know the carpenter forget to use sandpaper or what. Bleh`~~~ DAmn painful ok???


I can't find any job. But I won't give up.

I hate my bad mood. Why am I like this??? Tell me.... I don't wanna be a fake person coz I hate fakers myself. Somebody tell me what to do.




Anonymous said...

Hi, when you are in bad mooD, the best thing is to pray and read your bible.Life is not smooth sailing all the time.Get a friend or church member to pray if it is unbearable.This is what I do.Hope it can help you.
Sinren is so sweet to help you wash the dishes.You must continue to treasure him ya....

prinsezz said...

thanks for your advice. i sometimes forget about the importance of praying. that's bad. thanks for your reminder and it really helped.
btws, who is this?
you didn't leave your name.


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