Monday, July 7, 2008


Take a look at the Swarowski earrings Auntie Joanne gave me...
Don't really look so sparkly but it is in real life. Its all small bits of crystal. Not the one whole chunk of crystal like the (fake) ones you usually see.

It looked very like diamonds and would be mistaken as diamante earrings instead of real crystals earrings.

So bling right???

I heart it!!!


Just now I had the most romantic afternoon ever. Sinren finally did what he promised three years ago when he first asked me to be his gf. I had waited so long you fat ass!!!

Sinren said that he would sing two songs for me including one very outdated mushy love song called "Ai NI" (Love you). But he didn't coz first, he forgets then when I asked him to sing it to me, he can't remember the lyrics and bla bla bla... three years later, on this afternoon, he finally open his mouth and sang that two songs after so damn long!!! I know we are damn pathetic coz we're just like that. I think we're the most pathetic couples with stupid things to do everytime.

At first he started and: "Ke ren Lai... KAn Ba Ba..." (Guest came to see daddy). IT was some lame children's song that I think almost all chinese speaking children know. I looked at him like this: -____-lll.

Then after a couple of failed attempts, he finally sang it. Not really in the very accurate pitch but it was better than other times that he tried singing to me. But I loved it. I felt so touched that I cried. IT was the lyrics and him telling me to listen carefully to the lyrics coz its what he wants to say to me that made me cried. But I didn't cry like boo hoo hoo hoo lah... I just wept.

This was one for the few romantic things that he did that made me cry. I don't know why but I just cry everytime he does something romantic. Like when he asked me to be his gf, I cried the whole night. Hahahahaha~ Damn weird right?

Anyways, he said he'll be doing more singing for me. yay~~~ I love you Ren...


I went to my first class today at 8am and survived it. Thank God! It was German and it was damn fun. It was very much like Malay but erm~~~ and not like it. Hahahahaha~ Its just plain fun lah... You get what i mean right?

And I went to buy my phone but end up didn't buy it coz apparently its not a very good phone. Remember the phone, S500i *click*? I decided to get it at last after returning to kl. So I went to Section 14 to check it out lah... I went to the shop that I planned to get the phone but the phone was out of stock. They are selling it for only RM533 which is damn cheap. But of course its AP. Then I went to Digital Mall to find for the phone at the Sony Ericsson's phone vendor booth. But it was 800++. Bleh~

Anyways, to cut the freaking long story short. I didn't buy the phone coz this other booth at Digital Mall whose salesman told me that the phone is not that good. Coz its slide phone. Slide phones cause your keypad to get scratched and the keypad breaks into pieces easily. And the worst thing that could happen to the phone is if the slide becomes loose, your phone will become two parts instead of one. Hahahaah~ That's why I didn't buy it.

The guy recommended various phones but they are so... simple. I am not looking for phones which have 3G or walkman phones or fancy super geng camera. I'm just looking for phones that have funky designs or designs that shout me. ITs quite difficult to find lo actually. Coz all phones are so boringly alike. Not much variation. Any recommendations anyone???

Sigh~ I guess I have an option of buying another battery for my V3 and continue to use it lah... Did i tell u guys that the battery is pregnant? It had a strange bump in the lower part of the battery. Totally cannot use anymore. T___T

Sigh~~~ DAmn sad lah... Hopefully I can find a substitute phone as soon as possible. I'm currently using a damn old model of Nokia. I'm so lame I don't even know its model. But I know its not 3310 lah.. HAhahahah~

Tomorrow's class is at 11am. Yay!!!

Wanna go download movies.


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