Friday, July 25, 2008

Eating lunch at Killiney

This is not mine. I'm still searching for the perfect red colour pumps. I'm looking for red pumps that are apple red, damn bright and can cover up all my toes (which most pumps don't!!!). I think I'm a serious shoe addict. Somebody save me before my room is filled with shoes.

Anyways, we did not go all the way to Killiney Road at Singapore to have lunch.

Jaya One had opened its own Wai Sek Kai (Erm~ which translates into Eating Street) and so we decided to go over to try the food there coz people had been telling there's lots of new stuff to eat there and was pretty tasty.

AT first, we wanted to eat Wendy's but them decided not to coz we just returned from L'oreal's warehouse sales and was quite broke. (Will show you guys what I bought in the next post) So we looked around for a cheaper option to eat.

We came to Killiney Kopitiam and saw that the prices was quite affordable and had air con so we decided to go try the food.

The "we" who went to eat:

Shiu Li and Esther went to the warehouse sale with us but then couldn't come to lunch together coz they had class at 1pm. We had too much time to spare till our 5.30pm class so we decided to go eat lo.

Anyways, there's a FILA/Guardians/Anakku (wtf) warehouse sale coming up next week. Woots!!! Gonna be there to grab cheap stuff again. Will tell you guys about it as soon as I get the full news.

Our drinks

I think I'm also a Sprite addict coz I love it to the bits. I used to love Coke and orders Coke everytime. But now its Sprite.


I didn't try the rice so I don't if its nice or not. But the fry chicken is much more better than the ones they had at mamak stalls.

Mel said that the sambal was good. Didn't try it 'tho. She didn't offer me to eat so I shy to take and try. HEhe~

Li Shan and Mine

I've been craving for mee siam since the break but didn't get to try it. Finally I ate it yesterday. But then it was not as nice as MElaka's mee siam. Less masam masam. I really love Kenny's (the name of the owner of a nyonya food restaurant) mee siam. Nyonya food is the best. Yay!!!!

Mel and Li Shan had forum so they wore as though they're OLs (^~^)

They said they are two OLs bringing a sister out for lunch. Hahahahahaha~ Oh... Now discriminate people without OL clothes lah???? HAhahahahahah~

We sat in the kopitiam and watch Parental Control on channel V until Li Shan had tummy discomfort. We sat there like it was our house. With legs on the chair summore. Wahahh~ Summore asked the waiter to change channel for us. HAhahahahahah~ But then their service was good lah. Unlike some other stupid places i've gone to. So thumbs up for the kopitiam and you'll definitely see more of me. :)

Some random photo of our legs while waiting for ballroom dancing to start

Can't wait for class next week. Got partner d so damn excited. HEhehehe~

I've just learn how to do animation using the computer so I tried doing it with some random multiple photos of Sinren and I took during Christine's birthday.

ITs damn lame so.... *whispers* sorry


DAmn lame right we all? Hahahahahaha~

Its not a video ok? Its a few photos combined together. We purposely took multiple photos of ourself doing stupid stuff then pressing next fast fast to see how silly we were and laughing like orang gila. Now knowing how to create animation we could knock ourselves silly with more crazy multiple shots.

Just a reminder that your bloggers are perfectly normal and looked very sexy and cute...


OKie lah... Wanna go patch up my sleep coz haven't been sleeping well these few days.


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