Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Christine is here...

Last Sunday Christine reached KL and we went over to Uncle Paul's house to have dinner with her and it was an early celeration for her birthday. She had to go back to Singapore (her hometown) on her birthday before going back to Perth. I guess it will be another till i meet her again. T___T.

View from Uncle PAul's family room

If you guys remembered, last year Christine also celebrated her birthday in Uncle Paul's house and I took more photos of UNcle Paul's house. *refresh your mind*

This year was a more simple birthday celebration coz takkan every year do so "geng" right? LAst year can do until so "geng" coz its the 21st mah...

Anyways, here are the food that we had...
Nyonya style

Me love...

I don't know what's the name of this rice. Is it nasi briyani arh? Got raisins one wor...

This is some sort of "no mai fan" (glutinous rice)

Her birthday cake which I took upside down

The birthday girl

Auntie MElinda's birthday was the same as Christine's. So she made Christine her goddaughter.

Christine with the grandmothers

Auntie Rose is Beulah (my cousin)'s grandma which is my Uncle Paul's mother-in-law. She's like another grandmother to us (So i have like 3 grandmas) but instead of calling her GRandma Rose we followed our parents to call her auntie Rose.

The cousins

The Wong side had more girls than boys. And summore most of the boys aren't here. And its only like 4 other boys only. Hehe~

Christine and I are the eldest. And we're the only ones who are in the twenties. T___T DAmn sad.

Today we went to watch...

Which was not bad. I got lost in some parts of the movie. I don't know if it was because I was blur or is it I didn't watch the other batman story.

The funniest thing was Ethan (my little boy cousin) got scared in the middle of the movie. So Christine, who already watched the movie, brought him out and went walking around while the rest watched the movie.

I must say Heath Ledger, the late, did a very good job acting as The Joker. Well, the only other Joker I saw was Jim Carrey in damn old Batman movies. But he was not like Jim. Coz jim's more to the funny looking lunatic with weird attics and funny coxtume. Heath was in a suit with terrible colour combination but he was not funny looking. He's like the dark scary lunatic that you don't ever wanna bump into. I might bump into Jim Carrey, the Joker and might mistake him as a clown.

So sad to lose such a cute and great actor. LEt's mourn for a few minutes for great actors that had passed including Heath.

We had dinner at Nando's before the movie. And I must say the workers in Nando's Midvalley are like shits. Didn't even had the initiative to smile at their customers and were damn impolite. Well, what's new in Malaysia? Most of the shops had workers like that. Summore its the W (turn in around).

There's this one worker i was damn pissed with. Beulah asked for an extra straw from her nicely and instead of smiling or say something normal polite people would say like Please wait for a moment, she showed a fucked face and chucked the straw on our table without even telling us that she brought it. wtf right? And then never mind. Beulah said maybe she had a bad day so don't blame her. But then in awhile later this lady, who is the same ethnic as she is, asked her where to wash her hands. She smiled at her with a huge smile showing her ugly teeth summore. What is this man? You tell me how to stay "perpaduan" (unity) with these fucking people when they discriminate and act differently to us? I felt so happy when our neighbour table's African American scolded them. So stupid you know. Served people food then didn't give them utensils to eat them with. I heard the blacks asking them: "Do we look like animals to you? You expect us to eat with our hands". HAhahahahah~ Very good!!!

After the movie, we went to have ice cream and I took photos with each of them.

My best friend since I was just a baby
Haha~ She took her photo like this coz Ethan was disturbing her.

Much better

Ethan was shy to take photo alone with me so I asked Ebbie to take together. HEhe~

Before we left, we went to take Neoprints which was always fun. I didn't manage to take photos of all of the neoprints coz they were freaking tiny. So I took the biggest one...

Darn! I look so ugly after most of my makeup melt off~~~~

All of us had yellow ornaments on our head 'cept for Ebbie who had white crown. Wrong choice gal. Can't be seen clearly. Hehe~

Well, that's all. And Christine will be back on Wednesday. T___T ANother year till I see her. I don't even know if I would be here next year. Coz usually she only stops in KL when she's in MAlaysia to see popo. So if I'm in MElaka, I might not see her at all. T___T Don't care lah. Must make sure I'll come no matter what.

Ok lah... Gotta go sleep.

Don't know what's wrong with me. FReaking tired lately.


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