Monday, July 14, 2008

I love Melaka

Went back to MElaka during the weekends (I think I had already told you guys). And we (Sinren, some church friends and I) went to try on this new shop in Malim called E Zhai Mi.

Basically Yu Zhi Mian (in chinese) or better known to most people as Yee Zai Min (in Cantonese) are noodles made from fish and taste something like fish ball/fish cake but the texture is much more bouncier.

E Zhai Mi offers not only a type of typical Yee Zai Min but a variety of Yee zai min with different soups and side dishes that of course is also made of fish.

I love sour and salty stuff so I decided to order...

Sheene also ordered the same one as me.

That's the noodle

The soup is not salty enough. If it was as salty as itek tim soup (a peranakan delicacy), then its damn good. At first I thought that the noodles were too little. As you can see from the first picture, you can't really see the noodles. But then after finishing up the whole bowl, it was actually very filling and I was quite stuffed.

Sinren and Ah Teck ordered this

Ah hong ordered the kon lou (dry but in soy sauce) yee zhai min but I didn't take a photo of it. They taste almost the same lah... just different flavours only. I don't know how spicy was the curry coz I didn't try and Ah Hong didn't let me try his so I don't know how his taste like lo.

We ordered this as a side dish

The skin was really damn crispy but then its too big to put one piece into your mouth.

Overall, I think the food there is damn nice but tad too expensive. I don't know how long it will last coz Malim's not a town and not people would fork out RM7 for a bowl of fish noodles.

One thing that I don't like about this place is the drinks. Most of it are tasteless.

>____> not nice at all

I miss 99 Steaks' Honey Lemon. DAmn nice!!!


The new phone has this frames and mosaic features that are damn fun. But then the photos taken with this feature becomes small and I don't know how to adjust it to bigger size. Or is it can't be adjust.

Stupid sinren purposely close his eyes to irritate me

I wanted to put on the other heart shape frames but then can't fit both of us in it. SO I chose this frame which is filled with my favourite things....FOOD!!!! YAy!!!

This is the mosaic feature which I love very very much. This photo was not editted ok? It was taken like this. DAmn cool right?

Another photo taken with the mosaic feature. And that monkey is from Sinren's tee. Hahahahaha~

My boyfriend, the cool Afro


The next photo is not for the faint hearted...


I looked more like a baby more than an Afro. And the hair looks like a helmet/shower cap instead of hair. Hahahahah~

Why I look so fair arh??? DAmn happy!!!! ^____^

Our third anniversary is coming in two months time. I already got him a present which he already knew what it is coz I terlepas kata. So I've got a plan to do another thing which doesn't require a lot of money but its kinda sweet. ERm~~~ I think la. Won't tell it out so you gotta wait for it Sinren Liow.


MAma Liow made some HAkka delicacy on Sunday and asked me to eat it as dinner when I'm back in KL. I seriously don't know what its called in English but in Chinese its called "Lei Cha". If anyone knows the name in English, please tell me ya.

The said "LEi Cha"

Its basically rice with lots of veges and nuts. Its kinda healthy and extremely tasty.

But the most important thing in this "Lei CHa" is this...

The "cha" or tea

Which is actually made of sesame seed and some leaves grinded into powder. Mama Liow gave me the mixture and then asked me to make the "cha" myself. I mixed too much water and the "cha" looked like this and tasted quite tasteless. :( Does this mean I'm not a good Hakka daughter-in-law??? T___T NOOOOOO!!!!!

Gotta ask MAma Liow to teach me to make it. I wanna be a good Hakka daughter-in-law. wtf???

Ok lah... That's about it today.

Waiting for Shiu Li to make dinner. Hungry d. :S

See you guys soon....


p/s: Li Shan bought DS Lite. UNfair!!!! I wanna buy too. But I haven't found a job yet so nothing could be bought T____T

p/p/s: I just splurge RM30 for a hooded jacket. T___T

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