Saturday, July 26, 2008

I miss my long hair

I was looking thru some old photos and found this photo of Sheene and myself...

Look at my beautiful long hair....

I missed it like crazy. Don't know until when only it will be that long again. T____T Maybe I should go get extensions lah. I really wanna be long hair gal again.

Ok, enough of drama. Like promised I'm gonna post up the things I bought at the L'oreal warehouse sale.

All of these cost RM45

which is damn cheap compared to the original price.

The goal of being hot and beautiful had not been reached so gotta work harder. And to strive it, a good mask is needed. REcommended by some mags that it does wonders in whitenning so decided to give it a try.

The original price is around Rm50. Erm~~~ So I heard lah. And guess how much I bought it? Jeng jeng jeng... its only RM15. Wahahahahahah~

Don't worry its not fake. Its just that the stuff sold are almost expired so they sold it out at a very cheap price. So i've gotta use it up quick before it spoils. Oh it reminds me of my Revlon colourstay foundation. *click here* It will be expiring in December. Gotta finish it faster.

Three set of eyeshadows that I had been wanting to buy for a long time

The classical smoky pallete was quite difficult to get coz everytime I want to buy it, it won't be there at the counter. So its quite lucky to get to dig it out of the boxes there at the warehouse. Summore have to fight for a place to squeeze into the crowd. Like sardine nie I became.

Don't understand these people man. No need to work is it? Got time to come for warehouse sale summore. Isk isk isk~~~~

Ok, guess how much I bought it???? DAmn exciting I tell you coz its damn cheap. Three trio eyeshadow is only RM1o. Wahahahhahahahaha~ Its like for nine colours I only pay like RM10. So worth it right? Summore the quality is not bad. The original price for one trio eyeshadow is RM20+. See how much I saved or not? So happy ok?

This is the cheapest good mascara ever and Popteen models swear by it. I bought one during mega sales last year but didn't get to buy it in black coz they ran out of stock. And the one in brown I bought is RM20+ after discount. The original price was RM30+. And this one in very black (so its gonna be damn black I guess) i bought during the warehouse sale is only RM10. Wahahahahahaha~ DAmn cheap right? But then I just realized that I bought the wrong one coz this one is not waterproof. Didn't see properly when trying to grab it under some lady's armpit. Hahahahahahahaahaha~

If you did realized, I bought more Maybelline stuff than L'oreal stuff right? Actually its a L'oreal, Maybelline, Garnier, STudioline, Elseve Warehouse sale. A lot of product at the same time.

This was bought for mum

Mum had always wanting to buy hairdye but end up didn't buy it coz it was expensive. Seeing that its so cheap I decided to buy it for her.

And that's all I bought but it made me a very happy woman. hehe~

Anyways, something really misfortune and funny happened to me.

I went to take a nap after posting up the post below bringing in my keys into the room coz I always had this crazy dream that someone will steal my keys. Haha~ Then after sleeping I watched ANTM on youtube before getting ready to go to church. Before going into the toilet, I went into my room and lay down on the bed for a sec. Then Sinren msn-ed me. So I replied his msg and was ready to go into the toilet and realized that I closed my room door behind me just now.

My room door's a bit spoiled actually. Once you closed it you can't open it from outside the room unless you have the key. REmember my keys are in the room? So I'm literally locked out of my room and inside my house. I'm like shit!!! Coz all of my housemates went back to their hometowns. And the other Myanmar girl, I was not sure if she's back at her mother's or still in class.

But then I was ok with it coz its not that its a big trouble. I just can't sleep in my room and go out that's all. If i wanna bathe, i have my towel which had just dry and some clothes. I can wait till Sunday when everyone comes back. And i have the kitchen to cook. So I need not worry much. Haha~

I continued chatting with people after telling Sinren and my church people that I can't go to church coz of my misfortune. I chatted with Buvie and told her about the whole story. Then she said that she'll come over to help me. So I said ok.

While waiting my myanmar housemate came back. I tried opening my door with her key coz the key is almost similar to mine. But it couldn't open. So I just waited for Buvie to come.

Buvie came with some tools and borrowed my housemate's key again. After a few turning and twisting, my door was opened. yay!!! Don't have to sleep in the living room during the weekends. HAha~

Thank god for Buvie man.... Or else I don't know how will I ever get my key. If something bad happens to me I think I'm gonna die in the house. *kiss kiss Buvie*

After the misfortune event i cooked myself a wonderfull dinner to pamper myself a bit. But cooking itself was not a pampering act d. It was damn tiring.

My dinner

I cook this yesterday. So I only need to heat it up. There's chicken, prawn, pork, carrots and eggs in it. Damn nice.

Shiu Li's leftover

I had some pork and the sutchi left over in the fridge. So decided to fry them all up.

I finally managed to fry the fish fillet nicely after failing it the last time *see for yourselves*. *pats self*

Had an extremely filling dinner and managed to clean the whole house coz I was too free. Haha~

REcently, I'm watching a damn outdated drama series which is...

Full house

I know 8TV showed it a couple of times but I didn't watch it coz they dubbed the thing to mandarin. I prefer watching drama series in their original language eventhough i might not understand them. But its damn irritating to see Korean speaking in Mandarin summore their lips don't match.

DAmn nice la the drama series. Its quirky romantic in a way. I mean I'm just watching the few first episodes so it should get even more romantic towards the end.

Rain is of course as cute as ever. I think he has a problem of keeping his shirt on coz most of the clothes he wore in the drama is showing off his chest and after awhile he'll be topless. *sexy* Hehehehehe~

Song Hye Kyo was damn cute. I like her a lot. I think she's the only Korean female actress that I like. I love her style. She's like more to the cute feminine side but yet it looked so sexy. Unfortunately I can't pull of that style coz the tomboy part of me is too strong. Hahahahaha~

OK lah... Gotta go watch the next episode of Full House.

DAmn hungry la. Sinren is not here to bring lunch yet. Bleh~~~~

bye bye...

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