Friday, July 18, 2008

I'm RM174 poorer a.k.a broke

Li shan and I went to Sg WAng with hopes to buy our heels for ballroom dance class but after the frenzy both of us end up broke. T____T
Yes, i spend rm174 on one day y'all. Is that crazy or what? I didn't realize I spent so much until I gt home. @____@ Mama's gonna kill me for sure. But... its fun and I love all the things i bought. Shall you guys later.
We went to have lunch at Times Square. We chose a restaurant that we had not tried before. So we went to this damn cute themed restaurant called Gasoline.

The logo of Gasoline's damn cute right? Its a grumpy little princess. I think that's what I looked like when i'm in a grumpy. HAhahahhah~
The theme of the restaurant is not clear to me but its like something prehistoric and erm~ ancient egypt.

Each table was different from the other. This is how our table looks like...

Nice right?

I don't know if its painted or printed on. DAmn nice right?

This is the table next to ours...

Grinning dinosaurs

Ya, i know the tables are kinda small. Hahahaha~ But it fitted our food so its ok lah. I wonder if four people's food could fit the table.

The restaurants everywhere. ITs even on the cushion we sat on.

Look there's a coconut tree with bright coconuts

There's even a dinosaur (i forgot the name -_-lll) flying around

This thing here is a switch to call the waiter to your table's the food we had:

We shared this drink

There's the logo again

The drink is damn hot. We burnt our lips taking these shots. And the drink was not that nice. It tasted not like a tea and its not sweet.

*eyes gleam with envy*

Its was my wishlist's top most wanted but she got it before me. T___T

Li shan's

I forgot the name. Something Hawaiian something something. Hahahahahaha~
It was not really tasty, so said by Li shan, coz i didn't try it.


The sauce on my lamb chop tasted like campbell mushroom soup

But it was damn delicious ok? Its not burnt like what I had at Jaya 33. *pictorial advidence*

No photos durin shopping session coz we're in a frenzy remember?

I decided to try FAmous AMos' brownie coz i had never had them. But much to my disappointment, its was mediocre.

For dinner, Li shan and I went to this small Japanese restaurant. I'm craving for JApanese food this week. Maybe I should make Udon for lunch tomorrow.

We ate Okonomiyaki which is something like a JApanese pizza and we ordered Cheese Set which includes:

I have no idea what is rooibos. its just like some sort of tea lah...

Something like miso soup but with a different name. I forgot the name 'tho.

That's how the okonomiyaki looked like

The ingredients used to make is flour, udon noodles, onion, cabbage and some other things that I can't remember. HAhaa~

Look at da cheese....yum yum yum~~~

Li shan said that we must eat the okonomiyaki with these sauce which is called okonomi sauce. And she's right. ITs damn nice ok? Its not soy sauce but some sort of sweet sweet sauce. And its damn expensive ok? RM11.50 per bottle. O___o

Look at the cute little plate they used in the restaurant...

After eating we went back home feeling all broke but extremely satisfied. Hehe~

Ok now here are all the buys that caused me broke...

Finally its out in stores...

In case you don't know what movie I bought...

Actually I could ask mama back for the money for the dvd coz she's the one who asked me to hunt for the movie coz she wanna watch it. I already watched it with Sinren. But I don't mind watching it again coz I love Kenichi Matsuyama. *kiss* Now I've got the whole Death NOte collection. Wheeee~~~~

I went to many Skin Food outlets in Melaka and KL but I think this outlet in Sg Wang has the most convincing and informative salesgirl. Not only she told me which type of mask (sheets or tub) is more worth the money, she also picked the best mask suitable for me. I know lots of shops had salesgirl like this but Skin Food's salesgirl are not often like that. THey tend to act as backdrop to the shop or spirits who tail behind you without asking "MAy I help you?"

I bought the Cucumber mask which smells exactly like cucumber. Not really yummy smelling but ok lah... I prefer the honey mask but she recommends this coz its destressing and antioxidant. I don't know what the hell is antioxidant but I seriously need some thing destress for the moment. Shall try it tomorrow and tell you guys how good it is.

Oh the tomato toner is a free gift. Apparently its a whitening toner. Toner can help you to be fairer one meh?

Even the plastic bag was made to show that its sale time. Woots!!!

Before showing you guys the shoes, let me tell you something that happened to me in one of the many shoe shops I went to in Sg WAng. First of all, no offense to those who love to shop for shoes at Sg Wang but I think most of the shoe shops there sucks like hell. All the shoes are like almost the same. Except for a few which are ok and had better looking shoes.

Anyways, I went to so many shoes shops hunting for the perfect shoes for my ballroom dancing. I know its not important to find the nicest shoes coz its just a subject for a sem. but i am real fussy bout buying shoes so I've gotta make sure that every shoes I buy must fit my type of style and what had in mind or else I won't buy it. So I went to a lot and I mean a LOT ok? of shoe shops. I went to so many I don't remember the name of the shoe shop I'm going to talk about.

OK I went to this shoe shop at 2nd floor i think. I went in and nobody came to serve me. I like shops when you step right into it and got somebody comes to serve you. I don't care if i'm just window shopping or what. I just like people to come ask me "MAy I help you?". Ok anyways, so nobody asked me anything so I just looked around. Then I saw this shoe which were not bad looking so I took and tried them on. It was quite stable but it was not in my size. So i signalled the girl over and asked her if they had it in size 6 but didn't have it. So i continued to try walking round with that shoe. THen I looked around for other options. I took several of the shoes and tried them. Then I laid them on the floor to try them again and again to make sure that I'm satisfied before making a decision on which to buy.

I decided that the first shoe i took was the best so i asked the girl to get me both sides. And with muka sial she went to take. i tried on both sides but the one she took out was quite unstable. So seems like there's no quality control in making the shoes. so i gave her back the shoes and she gave me one pissed face.

i moved on to another shoe but then i saw the previous shoe that i tried (not the pair that she took away) that i don't want to try anymore. so being a nice girl, i picked it up and want to put it back at the display for them. suddenly the bitch came over and took all the other shoes that i had not decided to whether to buy or not. I got a shock and wanted to tell her that i still wanna try those shoes. But she came to me and snatched the shoe that i was about to put back on the display and also the shoe that i was about to try. WTF right? She seriously snatched ok? I felt the yanking. But i was too shocked to say anything.

li shan saw her doing it and got a shock too. We left the shop coz of shock and also totally pissed. Before leaving the fucking shop, we heard the stupid fucking salesgirl saying very rudely and loudly "Terima Kasih banyak banyak" (Thank you very much).

wtf right? not that the shoe shop was some high class shoe shop. selling damn ah lian shoes which was damn lucky to have a few shoes that caught my eye. and the stupid fucking indonesian salesgirl was extremely rude ok? where can snatch things from customers one? sampat!!! you are just a stupid foreigner only ok? if send you back to your country what can you do you tell me? you should be thankful that there are customers like me who could pay your boss and your boss could pay you.

I really wanted to basuh her face right there at that moment man. But i didn't coz i was afraid that she had her backup (samseng or whatsoever). I don't dare to take the risk of being bashed up. So i left.

I cursed the shop to close down next week. *points middle finger*

OK now for the shoes that I bought from Voir

Nice right?

Thank god for Li shan coz she decided to go to Nichii before we left and at a corner we saw the newly opened Voir and went in to see look see look and luck was on my side. :D

I especially love the bling bling center

Ya... I'm the bling bling queen. Hehe~

Nichii was recommended by Malaysian Babes Forum actually. They had lots of clothes that are inspired by Topshop and MNG but at a more affordable price lah.

New bead necklace to add to the collection. Wheee~~~~

I went to Vincci to look for shoes actually but came out with a handbag. Hehehehehehe~ Wanted to buy another pair of heels which was at the 50% off corner. It was red. Damn nice ok? But i was already left with rm30 only at that time. The shoe was about rm40. T___T

Now that's the story of how I became broke. Now I can kiss Guess goodbye...

And LV could wait another 100 years before I could buy it. T____T

But I enjoyed the shopping 'tho. Hehe~~~ And seeing those things that I bought makes me a very happy woman.

Ok lah... your happy but broke blogger gotta go for her shower.


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