Sunday, July 13, 2008

Last gathering with the gang

Erm~ not exactly the last gathering lah... We will meet often if we ever get back to Melaka. I mean last gathering before coming back to kl. Sorry arh... so backdated. Oh! One more thing, not all the gang were there. Only Deeps and Ann made it. Damn sad ok?

We had homemade western food. We made Fish Fillet, Marsh potato, salad and mushroom soup. But most of the things were made by me and mum lah... Coz the others are like pig!!! ooOoo

Instead of Dory Fish Fillet, we bought Sutchi Fish Fillet. I have no idea what fish is that man. Sounds like some JApanese name. So I search on the net and found a picture of a sutchi fish...

DAmn ugly right? Like distorted like that...

Deeps!!!! This is the Sutchi Fish!!!

Mama frying the fish fillet for us

Sorry, no photos of how the fish fillet was prepared and how the fish fillet looked like after frying coz we were too eager to eat it. I'll show you guys in another post coz Sinren and I fried it lately for our date at UT.

The tar tar sauce I made

Taught by Eva's mother which was damn easy. Its 1 part each for mayonaise, lime juice and condensed milk. Or you could use sugar instead of condensed milk. Mix together. And voila!!!!

The veges for salad


Deepa made me cut the tomatoes which was not the best thing I could do. So the tomatoes end up looking like this...

DAmn ugly rite?

The mushroom soup that we bought

Damn cheap o!!! Two packs only RM6+. Summore got free wooden spoon. WAkakakaka~ But then I still think CAmpbell soup is the best!!!

The potatoes before the smashing happened

We had a filling lunch. But no photos were taken coz we were membabi-ing tak habis-habis. HAhahahaa~

We wasted some food...

Left: Walls' Vienetta Brownie Tiramisu Ice Cream which tasted damn weird. Got alchohol taste. Damn weird ok? Taste nothing like brownie, tiramisu or ice cream.

Right: Pringles SMoky BBQ which was bought to eat during our horror movie marathon. But the marathon was cancelled coz we didn't have time for it. -____-lll

Instead of watching movie, they went into the back room and tried on clothes that my friends gave me to sell online. Will link you guys the blog once its done. But it only sells second hand clothes and stuff. Don't know if anyone is interested. Occasionally we do sell new stuff but damn rare. Ann bought this dress which was from Bali

So many photos of her coz she said the first photo made her look cacat, the second too short and the third one is perfect.

Before everyone left, we played with the VAio webcam and had some crazy laughs.

I wasn't ready so the photo looked not so nice


The couple

Kelvin came and join us for lunch after class. Its nice to see him smile once in awhile... :) But I won't forgive him for saying that my marsh potato not nice. :P

Kelvin has a twin named Kenneth. So we were laughing at this mirror photo coz it looked as if both of them were there. Wearing same clothes summore. So loving arh??? AHHAHAHAHA~

My face deformed

I totally don't wanna look ugly in my blog no more but Ann made me take this photo and post it.

Kev, why your body senget wei???

Ann looked damn scary wei!!!

WE nearly died laughing at this photo

HAhahahahahaha~ Kev looked like an alien man... Do the spock man!!! (Star trek joke) HAhahahaha~

Mirror was our favourite

Tunjuk gigi...

HAhahahaha~ Thank god I've got the same type of lame friends. Or else I think I'll go crazy.

The lame couple

Ann wanted to bring my laptop home coz it was too fun. Hahahahaha~ Too bad Ann...

Miss them lah... Didn't meet up with them last weekend coz mum wanted me to stay home. T___T WIll try to meet up next time k people...

Monday again tomorrow... Classes...ZZzzzz~ This week gotta practice piano coz gonna meet up with Miss Yong on Friday. Lagi ZZzzzz...

Anyways, before I go... here's two extreme lameness that I did during the break. Please bare with my lameness. HAhahahaha~


Lolz~~~ I know the sound quality is not that good but just focus on my lame actions for the song. THis is what I learned from the kids at the kindergarten i used to work at. Hahahahahaha~ Missed the kids so I decided to act like them.

Ok lah... Will update more stuff tomorrow.


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