Monday, July 28, 2008


Preview of our anniversary presents...
Our anniversary is one month plus away but we decided to get the gifts first coz Megasale is ending soon. But then we are not allowed to use the thing we got for each other until Sept 16. Hehehehehe~

Had a wonderful weekend pat toh-ing last week. It was better than what I expected. :)

On Saturday we went to get my anniversary present and got some groceries for me to survive a week.

Then we had dinner at Delifrance after contemplating whether to eat Carl's Junior, Sushi Zanmai or Delifrance. We actually decided to eat Sushi Zanmai but the line at Sushi Zanmai was unbelieveable. Can you believe that people actually line up to go eat sushi? It shows that the food at Sushi Zanmai is really good.

We ordered the dinner set again. Coz Sinren wanted to try it out. *the first time I had the dinner set*

I don't know why the dessert came first. Desserts were supposed to come after eating everything right?

But we were to hungry to care about when it was supposed to come so we ate it first.

The weird tasting rootbeer

The last time I was there they let us choose what drinks we wanted. (Either Sprite, Rootbeer or Coke) But this time they only let us had rootbeer.

Mushroom soup

Its been a long time since i last put on thick makeup and go out. Its like I almost forgot how to put eye makeup already. HEhe~

Our main course

My fringe is so out of place at this moment. So ugly right? Bleh~~~~ And those eyebags. Hate it!!!

We shopped around and bought quite a few things and I bought this...

Seems useful to me

On Sunday, we stayed at home and watched Night At The Museum on tom365.

Why so serious?

*Joker's favourite quote in The Dark Knight

I know cannot see his face but I like this photo a lot

Look at him laugh Hahahaha~

I know the movie is quite old la but then i haven't watch it before lo. So decided to download it and watch. This was actually my second time watching but its still that hilarious. And my neney loved it.

In midst of the movie, we ordered Domino's.

This pizza is called Extravaganzza

And its of everything beefy... Beef pepperoni, beef sausage, ground beef...etc.

Which I ate more than half

Why must put the word plain in front of chicken wing? Just leave empty then people will know that its not BBQ d right?

Which I didn't touch at all

Sinren finished the whole thing because I didn't feel like eating bread that night. I have this weird feelings during different time of the day. I would feel like not eating something out of the sudden. Sorry but I don't know why I'm so weird.

My specs is still senget after much adjusting

The weird sauce (Sinren said) to eat with the Breadstix

Say hello to my best friend, Spritey

Anyways, my boyfriend is currently very addicted to Facebook. Its driving me crazy.
Him on Facebook

He's playing this stupid game which name keeps slipping my mind but I got a picture of the game he's playing...

Stupid ass~

Sempat smile for the camera summore

So bored so I self layan

Had blast eventhough it irritated me a bit when he played the game on Facebook. You know in the middle of the movie, he stopped me to play the game. wtf right? Sigh~ I'm like nothing to compared to the stupid game. T____T

Next weekend I'm going back to MElaka so no weekends with my baby. T___T

You will be missed my love. *kiss kiss*

OK lah... Wanna go watch Full House.


p/s: He got me playing the stupid game too. T___T

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