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Mel Mel's birthday celebration

I'm last one posting up this so you probably read it in yebaislishan and bits & pieces of my life. But then i have my side of the story to tell right? So still gotta post about it.

On the morning of 15 July, we had a master class given by this lecturer from overseas. So all of our in fac classes were cancelled. But after the master class we still had our Ko-k (curricular) classes.

We went to this new canteen called Kantin PASUM near Rumah Universiti to try the food there. The food was ok lah but then its quite cheap so we would definitely go back for lunch often. The cafe at BAktisiswa which we used to go closed down coz Bakti was torn down. We were quite worried that we had no place to eat. Thanks to this place we were saved!!! (^o^)/

After lunch we walked back to KPS to get Li shan's car and we passed by the uni's most popular photo taking place.

WE always wanted to take photos here

Haha~ look at my face. I looked as if i was mourning for something. My intention was to act emo. Haha~ HOw contrasting to Mel and Li shan's poses.

Waiting for time to pass coz class starts at 2pm

Li shan asked us to make angry poses but seems like she was the only one doing. Mel don't look angry at all. She looked like she was acting cute. While i was busy Cooking Mama-ing on Li shan's baby (the DS Lite)

Like Li Shan said in her blog, whenever she's not playing with her DS Lite, i'll be the one with it. DAmn shy lah (-///-). Next week don't want play with it d lah. Coz it reminds me of my fate of being broke and NDSL-less. T___T

I had a very massive urge and take money out of the bank and go buy a NDSL today. But I was reminded that i was broke. Sigh~ somebody please hire me. Oh ya, the last resort if i don't get a music school job, i had decided to work in Subway coz they're looking for part time workers. Its at sect 14, near home and not a fuss to get there.


After class, we went back to rest for awhile and left to Midvalley for the birthday celebration.

Us in Li Shan's car

Random photo I took from Li shan coz i think Mun fei looked so engaged with his phone call. HAhahaha~

Those who went were separated to two groups. ONe group was assigned to get Mel's cake while the rest brought Mel to get her present.

Putting free time to good use by taking photos

We saw this sign saying that Juice Works is having Buy One free One for their juice so we rushed there to get it. Any offer is good and it attracts us. HAhahahahah~

We unconsciously wore black together

Too bad I was not wearing jeans or else we could form a girl band. Hahahahahah~

The non-blacks



Oh about Robinsons, those who could not read chinese in Li shan's blog, we were supposed to look for Mel's present there. But we entered and the security alarm started to ring like mad and people turned around and looked as if we stole something. So we didn't dare to go in anymore coz of embarassment. The guard told us that we bought something and the cashier forgot to remove the security tag that's why the security will ring. The only person who bought anything was Esther and she bought something from Watsons. The guard asked her to go back to Watsons and get the tag removed. But WAtsons was at Midvalley and we're already in Gardens. So we decided to go somewhere else.

We went to Promod and the same thing happened. But the cashier was much nicer and asked Esther to look for the tag sticker and remove it herself. She said that Watsons and Guardian always forget to remove the tag and many customers faced this problem. After she removed it, Esther could go into Promod but then when I tried to entering the alarm rang again. The lady asked me to check if anything i bought previously had the tag. I searched my whole bag but there was nothing with that particular tag. In the end, it was the box of the memory card i brought that caused everything. But i could not find the sticker so i just threw the box away before it caused me more trouble.

After walking around for awhile (without getting a present for Mel), we went back to MV to start the celebration dinner.
We went to Delifrance which was having this promotion of a 5 course meal which cost only RM12.90++. The five course meal include what i tagged above. (Took the photo from the brochure)

Everyone who went and their poses:

The "I'm the greatest coz its my birthday" look

The "gleaming with hope" look

The "si lai (aunty)" look

The "thinker" look

The "flying hair" look

The "gloomy" look

The "I'm so happy" look

The "I'm gonna be Beethoven" look

THe "I know my room mate is taking my photo and I'm gonna act stupid" look

The "I'm hungry and they don't let me order first" look

I forgot to take Li shan's photo *sorry* so I had to steal one from her blog. HEhe~

The "I think my head's gonna fall off" look

And last but not least...

The "I think I'm the coolest" look

Life is never complete without candids:

Look at JAne...haha~ Worried at don't know what again...

Haha~ Li Shan, you should be grateful that I did not do a middle finger like I did to my friends. *check it out*

I liked this a lot

Was bored waiting for the food to come and started to play with my phone's camera.
My victims


Artistic shot konon

AMy bought these mini tarts and gave them to Mel. But Mel only ate one.

The food came soon after...
Mushroom soup

Which was damn kao with mushroom cream. Better than campbell soup.

The main courses

You could choose two from four dishes as your choice of main course.

The choices:

I forgot the name of this dish. Sorry (^~^)v

This was complimentary to the main course

My verdict was it was worth the money coz the whole meal was filling. And it looked exactly how it was advertised.

But i was quite not satisfied with the tomyam baked rice.
First of all, there was no tom yam taste. It tasted a small hint of sour and quite spicy but not tom yam taste. Then, there was nothing in the rice except for rice. (-____-)lll Where's the sotong and prawns that I saw in the photos???

AFter finishing our food, Kai Sien carried out the cake from Delifrance's kitchen and we celebrated Mel's birthday...

WAlnut Cappucino with Red Bean
A quite confusing and weird combination cake.

Singing the birthday song

Happy Mel

After the celebration, we went back to uni coz the overseas lecturer whose name is JoAnn Koh-Baker was giving a recital lecture. Tried damn hard not to fall asleep and took a photo with her and the recitalists.

This girl in black was some random fella who ran up to the stage and posed for the photo. Summore she looked so awkward there. Coz she was quite far from KAi Sien. Don't know who she was. After taking the photo, she just ran off. Weird...

WEll, that's all. I'm supposed to sleep coz i had to wake up at 7am to go to church tomorrow but i couldn't fall asleep. Sigh~~~

Ok lah... gotta go try sleeping coz its 3am already.

Nite nite...

p/s: Super excited coz will be meeting with Christine tomorrow. Yay!!!!

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