Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Movie maniacs

Since Li Shan asked me to update. An update shall i give her. Haha~

Lately life had been nothing but slacking at home. nothing much had been done. and i had started packing my stuff to go back to uni. (-_-)Zzzz...Other than that, i had turn into a movie maniac.

June/July is the time when most of the most "geng" movies will come out. Its like madness ok? Last saturday i watched two movies which was a record for me coz i had not done this ever. I mean at home got lah... three, four movies in a day also got. But in the cinemas i had not.

In the morning I watched "Made of Honour" with Siew Fern, which was my second time watching it. I already know the story but it was still nice to watch lo... wanted to watch "Wanted" but i don't really like action movies and Angelina Jolie so I chose to watch "Made of Honour" again.

Then at night, being a cheapskate, GSC Pahlawan just opened and gave out free tickets to watch lapuk movies for a week, Nana and Ann got them and so some of the gang including me went to watch "Fool's Gold".
Damn lapuk right?

Thank god I didn't pay to watch the movie coz it was damn boring ok? I nearly slept in the cinema until the gang started to make stupid jokes and laugh at them instead of laughing at the movie (which was nt really funny at all). we are always making stupid jokes, i think we should film a movie of our own. HAhahaahaha~ We stopped laughing and concentrated on the (boring) movie because people around us was throwing us dead threats look. Hahahahaha~ Come on lah... so boring, we gave them entertainment still wanna complain. Bleh betul~~~

GSC Pahlawan was kinda nice. Much better compared to GSC MP which was damn old already. I think the first movie i watched in GSC Mp was Lion King. Imagine how long ago that was. And the ticket's price's cheaper than MBO. If its not damn far I would rather come here to watch movie. Oh ya! The popcorn also damn nice compared to what they had in GSC MP.

Tonight is the last gathering for the gang before everyone goes back. Actually Puff and Buvie already started uni. So they won't be turning up. And we're watching another free movie which is...
I wanna watch since it came out but didn't coz by the time i was free to watch it, it was no longer shown on cinemas. ;( Thank God for GSC Pahlawan!!!! I heard the movie's quite stupid but for RAin...apa stupid movie of his also i will watch.

Sigh~ two months just ended like that. Thank god this time i spent lots of time with all the people i missed like crazy. Or else it was such a waste. I guess its another 4 months till we all can meet again.... Damn sad ok???? T____T

Gonna take hell lots of photos tonight. Don't care how long its gonna take to upload. Just gonna take photos like gila.

Anyways, there's still lots of movies I wanna watch including...
I saw the trailer and it was s0 damn funny I tell you... Hopefully it will be shown lah. WIll right? Then there's The Dark Knight, The Mummy 3...blah blah blah. A lot lah... Die lah. Sure broke from watching movies one. I guess I gotta cut down on shopping and spend them on movies le lor.

Yuyu went to study in KL d. T___T WHy one week faster than me??? No more lame people to make lame jokes with me. T____T No more lame jokes till we meet again brother. T____T

K lah... See you all when I update which will be soon I hope. Hahahahaha~


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