Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Speed Racer and Le Garden

As planned, we went to watch Speed Racer. I was supposed to drive there myself but then at last dad wouldn't allow me too. How and when will they understand I'm not a baby no more? I can take care of myself and can drive the car safely there and get home in one piece. Why they all tak faham-faham??? So they (pa and ma) sat in the car while I sped there coz I was already late. Belum watch Speed Racer, I d was doing my own speed racing from home till town.

Reached there and guess what? I was the earliest as usual. Shouldn't have rushed. I didn't even put on my makeup properly because I was rushing. Bleh~~~ While waiting for the others to arrive, I bought a drink and a 1901 hotdog to eat in the cinema. Kinda stupid lor... why sell 1901 when the smell can stink up the whole cinema? But because I was hungry I had to buy something filling enough till I eat dinner, so I chose the hotdog.

The gang reached just in time to enter the cinema. Tsk tsk tsk~ 10 years and still like that... as usual we were the noisiest and the people sitting behind us had to kick our seats to shut us up. But that was damn rude ok? Where can kick people's seat??? Mother didn't teach is it?

Anyways, those who are interested in knowing our jokes, it was quite lame lah. In the movie, they had cops that were called CIB and were laughing because it was like c***i and we thought of stupid names for our CIB like I called mine, cibby. HAha~~~ there's lots more lame jokes but its too lame to share. Hahah~~~

Anyways, the movie was really a kids' movie lah. The whole movie was like so cartoon-y. But I have to admit that I like the movie and don't mind watching it again. Yala... I'm damn childish. And I love car racing movies like this movie, Tokyo Drift, Too Fast Too Furious, The Fast and Furious...blah blah blah... but I think this movie was way better than Tokyo Drift. Don't know why.

Rain was damn hot (like he was ever not...) but he didn't show his muscular body 'tho. Sad... hahahah~ he was half a villain but turned to be good at the end. his name was Taejo Togokhan and he's Japanese. Never heard of a Japanese name called Togokhan lah... like Indian only. Hahahah~

After the movie, we went to have dinner at this place in Dataran Pahlawan called Le Garden. I read about that place from Mae Fenn’s blog. I thought the food looked quite nice but good lord it was damn expensive ok? The cheapest thing there is like RM7.90. Aiyo~~~ too expensive for Malaccan's standard lah...

Those who came

Soon was our cameraman. Thanks Soon.

The drinks we ordered:


I didn't try anyone else's drink so I don't know how others tasted. But mine was quite tasteless. Anyways, I thought tiraimisu was a cake. Why la got drink called tiraimisu??? But it tasted more like mocha ler...

Oh ya... last week I had mocha frappucino from Starbucks and after finishing I went to pee and my pee got mocha smell. Today also like that. My pee got the tiraimisu smell. Why like that arh? Damn weird le... And gross. hahaha~

We ordered garlic bread for appertizer. I kept telling them not to order garlic bread coz if later wanna make out then got smell. Haha~ true right? But I was ok with it bcoz sinren's not here. Hehe~

I like this photo

The food we ordered:
In case you're wondering, the chicken chop is under the egg. Actually this doesn't taste Japanese at all. But its real good 'tho. Especially the gravy on the egg.

I can't remember if I ate Nana's food coz I have no memory of whatsoever how the thing tasted like. Haha~

I only tried the fried rice and a little bit of the gravy. It was really good too. I like the gravy very very much.

Ann's chicken chop is similar to mine but her's had this thai sauce on top of it. its sweet, sour and slightly spicy. Damn good also. Dammit the food here all damn good lah. I think its quite worth the price lo.


You know what? we were laughing at the curry mee's bowl. It looked a bit like a toilet bowl doesn't it? We were like teasing her for being a toilet head. Haha~

I didn't try anu's food. She told me that there are sotongs inside but at last there isn't any. Felt so cheated. T____T

Actually Soon's food had a very long and hilarious name but it was too long to remember. I only remembered the front part of the name. I think at the back there was like don't know what tikka or tikki or whatever is the name of the sauce lah... haha~

I love this photo of me and anu

I was actually wearing my favourite pink colour top from FOS but then because remember the hotdog I bought to eat in the cinema? The mustard kena all over my top so I had to cover the flaws with the jacket. I played ninja the whole night. Haha~

My dumb blonde

She's forever damn dumb. Damn difficult to explain things to her sial. Haha~ her birthday is coming so we wanted to belanja her makan but we didn't tell her. When we were deciding what to eat in Le Garden, she was like announcing that she will not be eating because she did not bring any money. (Actually she did lah. She brought RM3) So we finally told her that we will belanja her. After everyone ordered, she didn't order anything. We asked her why she didn't order anything. She repeated that she seriously got no money. Then everyone shouted at her at almost the same time: "Which part of 'we belanja you' you don’t understand wei????" hahaha~
I tell you the dumbest thing in the world she said was little brother in Chinese is "xiao tu tu' and she can tell us some more that she called a little boy "xiao tu tu" and the boy didn't answered. When we told her that's its wrong, she said: "heh? No wonder he didn't answer me lah..." wtf man!!!

If only anu's face didn't blur, it's a nice shot

Before leaving Pahlawan

I looked so incomplete without complete makeup. I only put on concealer, press powder and eye shadow. I was so insecure with how I looked. I felt like my eyes were not there without eyeliner and mascara. I felt so naked without my mask of thick makeup. Ah!!! Is this bad?

My evil twin

I still wonder if we really looked alike

Stupid hair parted coz of the wind. Bleh~ so ugly like hell.

Nene (that's what I had been calling her since form 5)'s forever so fair and lovely


Everyone left except for nana and Ann. They waited with me for my ma to come pick me up. We were laughing at random jokes and caci-ing each other until we saw this rock right in front of Pahlawan's main entrance:
What does this look like to you?

Hahahahah~ do you see what I see? Hahahahahah~ we were practically about to roll on the floor laughing ok? Hahahahahahah~ the photo is blur because I was laughing so hard and couldn't control my stability. Hahahahaha~

We wanted to go and take photos with it but damn shy. Scared that people think that we're crazy. Hahahhahaha~

Well, in case you still don't see what we saw. Here's a better angle to understand the joke:
Do you see it now?


Sorry ya. My friends are all crazy and dirty-minded people. That's why we saw this thing that not many might see it. Hahahahahahaha~

Ok lah... enough of craziness. Gotta go cook lunch. See ya all soon in next post.


p/s: i freaking love this photo. just wanna post it for no reason...

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