Thursday, July 24, 2008

Subway is looking for part time workers

I read Mina (a Japanese mag) and saw the prettiest shoe ever...
Its from a brand called Black Sheep. Nice right? So Avril Lavigne. But I think it would look better if the skull is cuter. Coz its a girl's shoe mah... skull must be cuter a bit. Like this a bit scary.

Wonder if its sold in Malaysia. Would love to buy it if its not that expensive coz I'm planning of getting another pair of sportshoes. Either this or Converse or the cheapest shoes ever, Pallas. HAha~

Anyways, I went to try Subway at Section 14 last week.

Had anyone ever tried Subway before? It was my first time there. Because of the whole being healthy campaign that I am doing, I decided to eat Subway. Coz it was a healthy alternative of fast food.

Ordering food at Subway was quite fun. First of all you go to their counter and they will ask you what type of bread do you want for your sandwich. I forgot the variety of it but it had around 6-7 types to choose from. I chose Parmesan something. Hehe~ Forgot the name d.

Then they will ask you whether you want the sandwich to be foot long or normal size, which is like quarter smaller than foot long. Next is what sandwhich do you want... I chose the smaller size sandwich and roast beef for the filling.

Finally, you get to choose what veges you wanna put in your sandwich and also what sauce you want. And voila your sandwich is ready.

This is how my sandwich looked like...

Looked so tasty right?

Its really fun being able to do the picking and everything. Maybe somewhere else also had like that punye service but I don't know nie. HEhe~ Paiseh arh... so kolot.

It does not end there 'tho. After making your sandwich, you can choose either the sandwich alone or in meals which include a soft drink and also you could choose either to have soft cookie or chips.

I chose soft cookie and got to choose from a variety of cookies.

THe cookie I chose:

DAmn nice ok the food at Subway. I thought it tasted crap coz the shop's always empty. damn kesian. MAybe the location too not strategic d. But its the corner lot wor... Impossible.

Well, I don't know if you guys like it but why not give it a try. The subway I tried is located in Jaya 33, Section 14. In case you guys don't know where it is... you know where is the McD? ITs opposite it. The building with TRue Fitness is Jaya 33.

ANyways, I'm back from Ballroom dancing and I tell you its effing tiring ok? THe dance steps today is all turning here and there and everywhere. My head spin until also pening. Summore I've got no partner and I couldn't try out the partner dances. I did everything by myself and it was really very tiring. See Li SHan got partner like damn happy like that so I decided to get me a partner no matter what.

So... I've finally found my partner. Yay!!! Next week he'll be coming over to class with me. Yayness!!! Next week me gonna remember to bring my heels, extra clothes and tights to class. Coz i didn't bring any of those to class today. Bleh~~~~ Oh ya.. I need to get a skirt asap too.

Thesis' proposal's presentation is coming soon. I'm doomed.... T____T

Gotta go sleep coz I've got headache.


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