Thursday, July 10, 2008

Uni life for the moment

Uni started for a week already. Things are going quite well I must say.

Here are the subjects that I'm taking this semester:
1. Prinsiple Instrument IV- Piano
2. Chinese Music Appreciation
3. Computer Music II
4. German I
5. Percussion Ensemble
6. Thesis
7. Ballroom Dancing
8. Event MAnagement

DAmn a lot of subjects right? I thought people told me that 3rd year should be taking less subject than the previous years right? But never mind lah. Most of the subjects are quite fun actually. Me love it.

I had to take one more PRinciple Instrument. DAmn sien. Everyone could drop it already but I still have to finish the last one. I gotta really work damn hard so that I don't fail. I really don't wanna take it next sem.

I didn't wanna take Chinese Music Appreciation actually but there was nothing more interesting to take other this. Not that I hate CHinese Music but its not something I'm interested in knowing. How bout Black Music Apprecition? I would love to take it. HAha~

Of course you guys had heard me talking non stop about German already. So I won't go on. Nothing to talk about Computer Music coz I really hate it but had to take it coz its compulsory. Damn stupid ok? The lecturere like shit. I don't know what the hell we learned also. ITs totally useless. I can learn it on my own with the user's manual lo. DAmn fei...

Event MAnagement...erm~ its not exactly a class lor. Its like college activity lor. Back in college (the hostel I mean) kan we have manage a big event. Like I did for MATB II. This one we had to manage is super big because its the Ko-K Fest, one of the biggest event in UM. Mel, Li Shan and I was hoping that we could be in the Food's Department which was the easiest department. Coz all you do is get food ready for the staff's and our own coursemates. How difficult can that get???? HAAHAhhahahahaha~ And we don't even have to attend class, i mean meet up with the rest of the coursemates unless needed to. WAhahahahah~ More time to sleep in the afternoon. HAhahahahaha~

The one class that I am damn excited about is ballroom dancing. I attended first class today and it was damn fun ok? It was more difficult than what I used to do back in high school. I have to control my body weight, body posture and how to interact with my partner all at the same time. DAmn hard ok? The steps are quite easy. Like stepping here and there only. But then how you control the weight you put on each leg and your body posture is damn difficult. I can't really control my weight. You have to actually slowly put your weight slowly. BUt aku nie just *pap* and letak. And then my posture dah la so bad. Have to really change lots of things. The most difficult part is interacting with the partner coz their steps are different from you so you gotta remember you own step properly and make sure that you don't step on his foot.

Its really fun and is looking forward to the next class. But its really tiring 'tho and the lower half of my body hurts like bitch. It felt like my whole body's gonna fall apart soon. And my legs felt like they are not there already.

Anyways, I'm lacking of a male partner. There's only three guys in the class so its not enough for the girls to have partners. So the lecturer allowed us to get our own partner. I asked Sinren but he's not free on Thursday. Now I have no idea who to call. Anybody volunteers?

And then Peter (the lecturer) asked us to get a three to four inch heels with straps surrounding the ankle. I went to search online and found out that ballroom dancing shoes are damn ugly. Like this...
This is the nicest I found online

OK lah... I mean not really ugly lah. Look like auntie shoes only. HAha~ But then it gave me a reason to shop for shoes. Whee~~~~ Vincci sale here I come. WAhahahahaha~ Like Deepa's mom, mama said that she will disown me if I buy another pair of shoes. But this is for uni so she said ok. WAhahahahahaah~ I love Ballroom Dancing!!!

Well, that's about uni. Now bout me. I bought a new phone y'all. WAhahahahaahha~ DAmn happy. And its not the s500i that I wanted its SGH F250 from SAmsung.

Say hello to Baby

Ya la... I bought a slide phone although many people told me not to get it giving more cons than pros. But I really like it lah... And its something like a walkman phone with FM radio summore. The camera is only 1.3 mp 'tho but who cares coz I d got a camera already.

Well this photo is taken from the net. I took photos of it but belum upload into the laptop. MAybe next week lah. I still have couple of things to do till I really settle down. Wait k? I know I had not been blogging more interesting stuff lately. Will do it once I really settle down.

Anyways, last thing before I go, I decided that I wanna do more exercise from this sem onwards. Coz I think I'm not getting enough exercise than I should. That's why my tummy is not firm. Ann told me that ever since she stop running as in the sport, she lost her abs. I never had abs ever ok? Its time I do something so that I can be more than just a skinny thing but a hot babe.

I did some wogging during the hols (wogging= walking + jogging)

DAmn bersemangat

But doing wogging only firms your legs and lower body. Workout that ass also but not the tummy. I wanna get abs like Ann lah. She had 4 packs ok? Just by runnning and stretching. Don't know how she does it. DAmn geng. I will do sit ups to get the abs. And have to the leg lifting exercise to get slim down the big ass of mine.

I wanna put on more weight till 50kg. Just two more kgs before I succeed. Yosh~ I can do it.

Ok lah... Gotta go d. Hungry coz didn't eat dinner. Wanna go make porridge or something lah. Going bak to MElaka tomorrow. Yay~ Will be having dinner at Sinren's on Sat and will go shop for the perfect dancing shoes. LAlalalalal~ I love shoes. Wakakakakkak.

Currently addicted to Speech of Silence, a new Cantonese drama. Watched it everyday. Wanna go watch it now.


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