Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Back at home again...


I finally got the break that I wanted. Yay!!!

Had been doing a lot of sleeping and resting for two days. Actually had been sleeping more that needed. Hehe~

And I get to pamper myself as well. Did some facial on my own and massages. Oooo~ This is life.

But then tomorrow gotta start working a bit. My thesis proposal presentation didn't go that well that day. The lecturers said that my title was too often written. In one and a half years there's already three thesis on the almost the same topic. They suggested me to change the aspect. That's why I'm pretty troubled now. Coz I don't know what aspect to write. My mind is blank. Maybe I should change the whole thing and not write about Christian music. But change to wat? T___T I gotta think of a brand new title or change my aspect by Monday so that I could go see my advisor as soon as possible.

Sigh... its not really a break after all. I still gotta work like a cow.

Anyways, I've become a dumb and forgetful person. I forgot to bring my camera cable and charger back. So i can't upload any photos or use too much of the camera. T___T

Sinren gave me some lilies for our 2 years and 11th month anniversary but I couldn't show you guys coz i couldn't upload them. Its damn big ok? Got 1 big lily with 2 buds. And one of it had started to bloom. But I couldn't show you guys the progress coz of the stupid cable.

Another thing that I forgotten is my wallet. O___O. How could I even forget that? All my important things are inside. Ic, driving license, ATMs...etc. Now I can't drive and I can't go out at night because mum wouldn't let me go out without my IC. T___T

Thank God Sinren is coming back tomorrow. He said he would go get it for me. (^*^)/ I Love You Neney... Later make you something nice to eat ya.

Sigh... Can't go out so sien.

Have to wait until Sinren comes back only can be free. T___T

Thank God I didn't forget my contact lense and makeup. I would die if I didn't. How to face the world like that?


Sigh... another useless post.

See you guys when I'm more interesting. Hehe~


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