Friday, August 15, 2008

College Night

I had not been posting a lot of photos since, the SJ Nite. Are there still people reading me???? Hello????

Sigh~~~ presentation is in 4 days. I THINK I am prepared but then again, my title had not been officially approved by Prof Anis. So I'm like quite nervous. Coz I'm afraid that those ass lecturers are out there to get me. T___T Seriously lah... Can't wait to get out of there. I know the memories at there is sweet but then its the whole uni thing that makes me hate it very very much.

But then going back to Melaka (after graduating) means no Midvalley T___T, no Gardens T____T and no Sg Wang T____T. And what's worse??? No more College Night and Ladies Night with Li Shan... T____T

How to live in MElaka without La Senza, without Topshop, without Borders, without Sushi Zanmai, without decent photosticker booth??? T___T

Anyways, yesterday, when everybody in my house is busy with their preparation for presentation, Li Shan and I went out partying at Scarlet. Hehe~~~~ Sorry yer... I know people probably feel like throwing knives at me now coz I had been complaining about being worried of my presentation and shits but here I am going to clubs.

I felt I'm the most geng person on the earth lor.. Coz the next day I had to perform for forum and still can party. HAhahahahaha~ I only practised 2 times ok? HOw geng is that?

In the car on the way to Scarlet

Chose this blur photo coz I looked the best in these kind of photos. Wahahahahahaha~

Another thing that I'm damn proud of is I can remember the way to Cineleisure using the shortcut. Most of the time I slept in the car going there but tak sangke I can still remember the road there. Wahahhahahaha~ Call me no. 1!!!

Reaching Cineleisure, Li Shan told me that she was hungry. So we went to McD to let her grab a bite.

Fish O Fillet

This Li Shan arh... At my house I told her to eat dinner with us and she whined that she's damn full but then reach Cineleisure d she pulak hungry. ISk isk isk~~~~ Eat earlier kan baik? Eat full full then where can dance???

We finally entered Scarlet and much to our disappointment, it was quite empty. It was incontrast with the scene we had the last time we were there. *point your cursor here*

It was no makeup day for Li Shan and minimal makeup day for me

Yer... why people's hair look so nice but mine like dry grass like that? Must be that stupid shampoo punye fault la. Gotta go buy Amway's shampoo d lah... Are you proud of me ney? I'm promoting ur shampoo...

The club was more like a cafe that night. Coz we sat there talking (almost shouting over the loud music) and drinking. The songs were awesome but we didn't felt like dancing coz the mood was not there.

Complimentary drinks for college ladies. Woots!!!

But then there was a quite funny thing happening that night. There was this group of people playing truth or dare near our table. It seemed fun lor. This girl had to "borrow" another girl's bf and dance with him.

Then in that gang got this fat guy who enjoys the night a lot. He was probably the only guy who dance the night away. And the way he danced was not like the clubbing sorta dance. He was like doing aerobic. Hahahahahahhahaah~ Li shan and I was laughing and talking bout him when suddenly he waved at us. I think his friend told him that we looked at him.

He came over to over table and told me in Cantonese "My name is Kent. K-E-N-T". I was tahan-ing not bursting into laughter. But I smiled politely and waved at him. Then he asked whether he could dance with me. So I said OK.

And Li SHan, I dance mediorce only lah... All I can say is that my gang had trained me well over the years in high school. Hahahha~ We were our high school's dancing queen.

After that he asked me: "How? Happy or not?" I nodded and hoped that he would go over after dancing. He did but came back I couple of times to talk to us and asking lots of question.

One of the most funny conversation we had was...

Kent: Are you single?

Me: Married (wtf)

Kent: Where's your husband?

Me: Working

Kent: He's not worried that his beautiful wife is here?

Me: He loves me a lot


LAter more of his people came and Li Shan and I got free Heineken. Woohoo~~~ no need to pay can get free drinks. Life is good!!!!

This KEnt guy kept emphasizing that he's not drunk and said lots of nonsence with me and Li Shan. We got scared of him and everytime he looked our way, Li Shan and I started doing weird signs to each other as though we're talking about something important. HAahahhahahaha~

You know one time when the DJ was playing "When I Grow Up" by The Pussycat Dolls, Li SHan and I wanted to dance but he was there talking non-stop. He left right after the song ended. Ahhhhh!!!! BLoody fool betul!!!!

There's this two couple who were so sexually active behind Li Shan. They hugged and danced together the whole night and making out almost 5minutes once. HAhahahahahahha~ Everytime I told Li Shan to look they finished their "affection". Sigh~~~

Then there's another couple beside us who danced damn aggresively. They were doing the "rub cock" dance. HAhahaahahha~ I don't know what's it call but Deepa told me that its called "rub cock" dance once when we were watching Sean Paul's music video together. Anyways, don't know why they were "rubbing" damn aggresively. Like wanna "rub" until come out fire wtf. HAhahahaha~ So aggresive until they kept hitting Li Shan. Poor Li Shan had to "siam" them the whole night. Not only did they bugged us. THey blocked the walking passage for the workers and a lot of the workers had to walk the long way to pass through. Wanna be so aggressive try la take a bigger space where you don't block people or knock people.... isk~~~

But it was quite fun looking at how people party. Maybe people must be thinking why this two girls come clubbing just sit there and nod their head and then only dance to some songs arh? OR are they lesbians arh? Duduk seorang-orang nie... Hahahahahaha~ MIght be other people's laughing stock now.

I was quite tipsy and kinda "wing wing" when I got out. But then I had to make sure that Li Shan was ok so I tahan all the way. I was sorta seeing stars above my head lor.

The flash spoiled the shot but I think its quite nice lor right?

THis was taken after we left. THe toilet stinks of people's puke.

Why my upper arms so big???? T___T

Both of us reached UT at around 2 something. I was sorta wide awake but I didn't bother to shower. Talked to Sinren on the phone for awhile and both of us slept on the sofa in the living room.

I love partying with Li Shan and also Mel. Why la she must study for her German? Or else we can go together-gether and go crazy.

Like I said, the next morning I had to play during forum. So I had to wake up at 7.30am to go to fac to practice piano at 8am.

Looking pretty sober :)

THose who didn't know me well enough, I get beer rash everytime I drink something with alcohol. That morning my neck was looking like this...

The top left photo damn scary right? IT was red like hell. As though kena burn. But thank god it was not itchy this time. THe last time I was scratching like crazy. And the weird thing is that the rash only comes out around my neck. NOthing happens to the rest of the body. Don't know why...

Not amused face

The forum performance was ok. Not good but ok lah... Will load the video later on.

We also celebrated a surprise birthday party during forum for Huey CHing. Video later too.

Before I go lie down on the bed, photo taken with the birthday girl...

My neck was extremely red. Click to see it.

Tutor class tomorrow at 9am. Sien~~~~~

Better sleep or else cannot wake up sure kena belasah by Miss Yong.


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