Friday, August 22, 2008

Coz Life's Like That


Its your boring blogger again.

Apart from being over-relaxed at home, I had been doing almost nothing at home.

Here's how my life is like in a day:
  • wake up at 10-ish but continue to turn around the bed until i turn into a spring roll with my comforter as the spring roll skin.
  • finally get out of bed at 11-ish after a few morning calls from mama.
  • drink a few sips of water while staring at my lilies. (whee~ the other two flowers had bloomed)
  • sat down on the sofa and re-read this LBD book that I had read last semester.
  • read some pages on Performance Studies.
  • stare at my proposal and tries to figure out what to do with it.
  • Whee~ its 12pm. Online time!
  • Cook lunch. (Yes, its the porridge diet again.)
  • Nap for awhile.
  • watch tv.
  • talk alot over dinner coz had not been talking to real humans while mum and dad's at work.
  • watch more tv.
  • watch a little of Olympic.
  • goes to my room.
  • read a new book that I borrowed from the library.
  • Turn around the bed while talking to my dolls.
  • finally sleep off.

Haha~ As you can see there's not much life during the holidays for me. Or is it not much life in Melaka?

Oh no! Which means this is what will happen to me after I graduate. Noooooooo!!!! I DON'T WANNA BE A BORING BLOGGER!!!! CANNOT!!!! I DON'T ALLOW THAT!!!! TELL ME WHAT TO DO????

But then again its true la. What is there to blog about once I start working? Takkan I blog about my students right? I can't possibly be camwhoring with my students right? Or take photos of my working place? Gosh! Really nothing lor. Summore when start working will less go out and have outings right? So lagi no photos lor. Shit lah... How???

I wonder if there is any working ladies that blogs. I would love to read about what they write in the blogs lor. Then maybe I could get inspired and know what to blog after I start working.

Damn lah... Think about it also wanna cry. T____T

Ok lah... enough of the drama.

I used to love borrowing books from the library. Especially fictions and occasionally non-fiction. As I grew older or should i say after i leave school, I don't go to library anymore and the only time i go to the library at UM is for my thesis purpose.

Last few weeks, I went to the library with Li Shan. As I walk through the unfriendly looking shelfs, I found this book and immediately decided to borrow it...

Sorry that its so small coz I can't find a bigger photo of it. (Courtesy from

Its Lydia Teh's Life's Like This btws.

Anyone who doesn't know Lydia Teh, erm... is ok. Coz I just got to know her recently when i read a book review about her other book called Honk! If You're A Malaysian. *HONK!* haha~ So I don't blame you if you don't know her.

Anyways, this book is about a typical life of a Malaysian from her point of view. She writes about Malaysian's scene of restaurants, jams, festivals, markets...etc. Almost everything under the Malaysian sun. It got me hooked to it once I started reading it.

Its light and hilarious. And I felt like what she wrote is close to the heart. For example, she talked about the scene at a very packed restaurant. Its almost impossible for any conversation with the waiter/waitress to take place. So what do you do? You use sign language. Like, when you see an empty table and its dirty but its the only table you could choose from the other not vacant one, you couldn't possibly be shouting: "Oy! Clean the table! I wanna sit" to the waiter/waitress right? So what does a typical Malaysian will do? You would look at the waiter/waitress from afar and point at the table while doing a circular movement over the table. Right??? Ain't that right? Isn't that what you do??? Don't tell me you don't do that. You are so not Malaysian if you don't do that. Hahahahahaahaha~ There's more to this in the book. So I would recommend that you guys go and find this book and go read it coz its damn good.

Its lunch time now. And today I'm having chicken rice coz mum prepared a drumstick for me. Yay! No porridge today!!!!

Tonight will be having a choir practice at some place which I don't know. Our church will be performing in Dataran Pahlawan during Christmas. I forgot the exact date will keep you guys posted. Do come and support me and shout my name the loudest. Hahahahh~

Sinren is back and so is my red red wallet. But won't be seeing him anytime sooner. T__T Miss his chubby cheeks. \(^*^)/

Ok lah... Will blog tomorrow if i had something i wanna talk about.


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