Thursday, August 28, 2008

Crazy and Possessive BOyfriends

I had never had a boyfriend before Sinren. Erm... there's another guy but then I don't consider him as my boyfriend coz we never really had a real relationship. Anyways, is that I thank God that Sinren was not a possessive boyfriend like many other bfs I've seen.

I don't know what is up with some guys when they hog on to the gf and doesn't treat her right? If you can't treat them right, why keep them by your side? Makes the girl suffer only. These bastard are so selfish and only thought of their own benefits. When they want some love they grab the girl and sayang like mad. But when they get crazy, things get pretty ugly.

I have lots of friends who had crazy possessive boyfriends. I mean come on guys, don't hate me coz I'm telling the truth. Most of you guys' bf are trash and you guys deserved better. If he is controlling you like a mad freak right now, it would be even worst when you guys ever get married.

Last night was one of the worst night I ever had. My two other housemates and I had not slept well thanks to one crazy possessive boyfriend who had made our life miserable. Of course its not my bf la.

I really hate all these crazy possessive bfs lah. Your life is pathetic then too bad lah. Why come and drag us down together? You think you control us girls like that you will get our 100% love is it? We actually hate you to the core but had to stay because we were not able to break through the chains that you had bound us in. But I can tell you once we are brave enough no matter what stupid tactics you are trying to pull won't have any effect on us.

I think girls should be more brave and stand hold on your beliefs. If you think your bf is trash, just dump him without any hesitation. If he deserves another chance, you could give him but when that chance is give more than enough, i think you should deserve to be left single. I know Jesus said to forgive people for 70th 7 times but if the relationship is unhealthy, I think Jesus would want you to leave him too. This is not call love but he is just treating you like something he owns. Just an object but not as a person.

I hope all my friends would get up from their possessive bf's trance and... sorry I had to say this... GET A LIFE!!!! Everyone deserves better and nobody should ever control you of your own human rights.

To my dear little zhi mui who is suffering to get away from him,

Be strong and don't let his tactics fool you again. You know he won't do what he said he would do. I believe you'll know how to handle him now.

You are better off without him. Why hang on to it when there's no more feelings between the both of you. Even if you still had feelings for him, this is not love. He doesn't have the right to do this to you.

No matter what we will always be on your side. Be there to comfort, even if we are scared like hell. Hehehe~ Be there to let you cry quietly in the dark. So cry and let everything out. We will be there to wipe the tears away and make you ten times happier than before.

Again I wanna say be strong. WE SUPPORT YOU!!!!

hugs and kisses....


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