Saturday, August 30, 2008

End of August


I'm back in Melaka again...

aiyo... This sem didn't come bak often mah so when got the chance had to come back lor.

I had lots to blog about last week but then you know la the line back at home is like shit and I didn't bring my laptop back so I couldn't blog at some cafes. So had to wait till I get back only can blog with photos d.

But this time I didn't forget to bring my camera charger back so there's no worries about taking photos.

Anyways, to those who are concerned about what I wrote about in the previous post, if you don't know who is that person I am talking about, please stop asking who is that person coz its non of your business. Its posted to tell you guys about what I feel about possessive boyfriends and also a message to the my zhi mui. Don't call me mean but its really got nothing to do with you. If I wanted the whole world to know about this thing I would have posted the whole story and stated the names.

And to that zhi mui, I'm gonna say the same thing to you, be strong and you can work it out just fine. You don't have to be sad coz we will be around you no matter what. You'll have our support no matter what decision you make. :)

Tomorrow is Merdeka Day...
Happy Birthday to our country
Cheers to the best country ever and boo to all the politics!!!!

Ok lah... Wanna go do other things already.


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