Saturday, August 16, 2008

I love LV!!!!

Hello~~~~ how was the video? Why nobody gave me comments or leave message at the tagbox. You all damn mean la... So unfriendly one?

Anyways, last week mum and dad came to KL to visit me coz I haven't gone back for about one month plus. I mean its not like we're damn far but I had lots of things to do lor...

Because all my roommates didn't go back to their respective hometowns so mum and dad had to go to stay at Aunt Michelle's place at ss2. I tagged along since I had nothing important to do at home also. Somemore follow my parents sure got kebaikan one. Hehe~ ^_^

Aunt Michelle moved to Singapore and her house was left with a few things in it coz she still comes back everyweek to settle some business she had here. So we were not actually left with an empty house. Its fully furnished and got air con and hot water to bathe summore. Its just that she unsubscribed from Astro and we had no tv to watch so all of us slept damn early. HAha~

Sunday morning, mama was digging thru Aunt Michelle's clothes to wear coz she said her own clothes are quite ugly. Apa penyakit nie? Patut lah i like to dig people's clothes to wear la... Its from the mother. HAhahaahah~ Then I was standing behind her and I saw this...
WAhahahahahah~ CAn you see it?

It was like love at first sight. My first love happened once again. (HAha~) I picked it up and camwhore with it like gila.

I asked mama if I could borrow it. MAma allowed me but then she remembered that we're not coming back to her house later so she asked me not to use it.

She even said this: "Shen me lai de? Hen mei meh?" (What is this? VEry nice meh?).

Hello~~~~ of course its nice. ITs LV. Freaking Louis Vuittion. Something that I may never own this lifetime. Its freaking awesome just to carry on my shoulder for just a moment.

I didn't wanna part with the bag but had to coz mama was pratically screaming for me to leave. T___T

I made a promise to myself that I must own a LV at the age of 25. If not, I would be a disgrace to myself. wtf??? HAhahahahahah~ But then again I can own it even now. All I have to do is go to Petaling Street and get the exactly same one. Hahhahahahaha~

Mind you Aunt Michelle's one is of course genuine. I know how to tell the fake from the real ok?

After leaving my beloved dream bag, we went to fetch Sinren to have breakfast together.

No pictures of Sinren coz he was in the toilet when I was taking these photos.

Taken in the car

Good hair and nice makeup...what more could I ask for??? (^V^)

That morning was the Logos church 45th anniversary. So we went to Sentul for a combine worship. Not much photos taken coz its not really interesting. n(~v<)

THe choir and praise and worship was quite grand that day. But compared to the Presbyterian 120th anniversary this was far beyond grand.

This cute little baby is my church's pastor's son. DAmn cute right? He looks like someone jumping out of anime. So damn cute. But he's not really approachable coz he just love to stick to his mother. Quite sien lor babies like that. So unfriendly. Hmpf~~~

Met up with CY and Alex (miss him like crazy coz haven't seen him since he went to study T___T) but didn't have the chance to take photos coz had to leave early.

Later in the afternoon went to meet up with Viv who was in KL again. But no photos coz i didn't my camera. How stupid I turned into. >_<

This is something random lah... The sticker was given by my room mate, Chooi Yin coz I helped her to print her proposal. Hahahahahah~ The sticker looked so cheerful right? Managed to change my mood better everytime I looked at it. :)

Its that time of the month again....

Happy 2 years and 11 months dear....

One more month to our 3rd year~~~

Love love love <3<3<3

We are both so busy that had not taken any recent photos together. REsort to finding old photos and editting them. T____T

I don't care how busy you are next month. We must celebrate it!!!!

Anyways, I've done with all the slides for presentation. But had not officially practice the whole presentation. I bit gan jeong right now.

Wish me for the best for Monday's presentation.

After that I can rest for awhile before working like a train again...

K lah... Wanna go watch more Honey and Clover. Hehehehehe~


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