Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lilies, my love...

On our 2 years and 11 months anniversary Sinren and I spent the day at my place watching The Cronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, which is damn outdated for a movie. HAhahahaah~

In the midst of the movie, Sinren saw my facial headband and did this...
So handsome my boyfriend...


Love <3

On the same day, he went to Jaya 33 and bought this for his lady...

My favourite flower

I tried to camwhore with it but...

Failed miserably

CAn see the flower but not my face.

This one can see my face but can't see the flower properly

This one ok lah... but like the flower is kissing me and not facing the front. :P

Not bad but can see my camera's pouch. -_-lll

This is getting restless.

See how big the flower is

This is taken after I got sick of the failure of camwhoring with the lily.

Best photo of the lot

I think i look best in photos when i have no makeup on is when my face is less visible. Haha~

During the break, I took the flower back coz I don't want it to die alone. Summore got two more buds that were yet to bloom.

MAma put it in a blue wine bottle. DAmn nice right? Match so well with the table cloth and the whole surrounding.

ANyways, I said I took photos of the flower's process right?

These are the times when the other two buds had not open...

And below are the process of the flowers opening...

Don't know why the flowers are different from the one opened when he bought. Why got the red red thing one? What's it call arh? Anybody knows can tell me? I think most lilies got that but why the one opened before this didn't have????

So nice right? So terharu to see all the flowers bloom until so nice.

But then after all the flowers bloom, the one who opened since the day he bought starts to wither... And by the Sunday before I return to KL, it died. T___T

The rest of the flowers were left at home coz mama likes them a lot. By the time, i go back again this weekend, i think all would have died. T___T

Honey dear... bila wanna buy me new lily again...?heheheheehhe~

Well, that's about the flower.

Mum asked me why did I asked him to get me lilies instead of roses. 1st of all i did not ASK him to get me lilies. He GAVE me. Then, I just prefer lilies coz it looked more serene, pure and... I don't know la. I just like them. :)

What flowers do you guys like?

Anyways, I'll be going for an interview soon. So please pray that I get the job coz the shopaholic needs money. HAhahahaha~

Ok lah... Wanna go finish my German homework.


Its bye in German la....

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