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Mummy 3 + Date + World Drum Festival 2008

I know I had not been updating my blog. Hello! I also got busy punye time ok? And hor if wanna know whether I updated or not right? Can check my msn or come and check the blog la... Ask me for what???

Sinren and I had not gone for movies for quite a long time. The last movie we saw together was L:Change the World which we nearly fought and broke up because of my immaturity. I didn't blog about it coz I didn't wanna kena scold childish by you guys. (T_T)

Last Friday, we decided to watch...
Scary and ugly poster

It was an impromptu decision. Coz we might end up argueing and concluding with me not talking to him if it was a plan and cancel out of the sudden.

The movie was okay-ish (spoke like this ever since meeting up with my cousins). Jet Li barely spoke and had very little fighting scenes. All he did was sat on his bronze/steel stead and points his finger on things. That's all. And when he was a mummy, I couldn't understand the mandarin he spoke coz it was quite mechanical. And I found out that Michelle Yeoh speaks better English than MAndarin. Maybe that's because her bf's ang moh. And Isabella Leong was superb for a young girl of 20. Big thumbs up for her.

No review on the rest of the ang mohs coz I'm only there to watch the movie coz I wanna be supportive of Asian actors. Hahahahaha~

On Saturday, thanks to Esther who loan me her car (with the syarat that I pump petrol for her after using), Sinren and I went on a date. We went to eat...

What we ordered

Auntie Wendy on the soft drink cup

The fries which is bigger than McD's but tasted the same

Er... those words were said by Sinren Liow. What else can they taste like actually? They are all french fries what....

We ordered this coz we love Oreos but this tasted not as nice as McD's Oreo McFlurry

Btw, its called Special Frosty in Oreos.

The best dish we ordered for the night

ITs Baked Potatos with Broccoli and Cheese. Broccoli is my favourite vegetable other than siew pak choy. And cheese of course everybody's favourite. Erm~~~ except for Puffy who will puke if cheese touches her tongue.

The burger is wrapped in foil

The burgers are big disappointment and to us it doesn't worth the much money that we paid (actually I paid coz I just got my pay). What was on the menu was totally different with what was served. I mean I didn't expect it to be exactly the same. Coz none of the shops I've gone to had that. Erm~~~ maybe Tony Roma's did.... don't know la... But WEndy's burger is extreme different with what was on the menu. IT was extremely tiny.

Ok I exaggerated but its smaller than McD's. I don't know why am I comparing Wendy's with McD but its the closest to heart I think. I eat McD more than any other fast food.

Ok, I'll give another comparison. Wendy's burger is smaller than Burger King's and even KFC's.

The photo above is Sinren's burger which name I forgot the moment I ordered it. HaHAhahahahaha~ If the size of the tiny burger doesn't disappoint you, let's look at the insides.

Where got burger meat smaller than the buns one I ask you? None of the fast food I've gone to had burger meat smaller than the buns. Most of the meat would looked over-flowed lor. Tsk tsk tsk...

And Sinren was damn mad about it and he made a note so that I would post these words... DON'T EVER GO AND EAT AT WENDY'S. Haha~~~ I posted baby, I did... :D

Unsatisfied Herr Liow

This is my burger, Shrimp Supreme

I was quite satisfied with my burger eventhough its size is just as disappointing as Sinren's. And the burger's outlook was terrible. It looked as if the workers had no initiative to make the burger yummilicious. And its quite sad. Coz the burger tasted good.

One good thing was there was really shrimps in the burger meat. Thumbs up for that.

Due to my busy-ness I had turned myself into a makeup-less freak when going out on dates (or anywhere else). And my hair is always in a mess. Gosh! I gotta pick myself up from this state. The bf had started to complain a bit. :S

After the dinner, we decided to go to Dataran Merdeka.

Don't know what's the name of the building. Hehe~

Abang Din, the lecturer of Percussion Ensemble asked us to go to World Drums Festival to get inspired for what we are going to do for Music Showcase this sem. But everyone was not free and it was a last minute thing so only Yun yu, Kim and I showed up at the event.

This was the poster for last year's event. The poster is still the same for this year. Can't get to search it 'tho.

On Saturday it was the last day for the whole festival which started on 25 July. And the last day was held at DAtaran Merdeka.

After eating dinner and deciding to go there, we were already kinda late to reach on time. The show was scheduled to start at 8pm. Then when we reached there, there was no parking to be found. By the time we found it, it was already 8.30pm.

But then the moment we found a spot on the field to sit, the show had not started coz the KL Mayor is not there yet. Tsk~~~~ Goverment representatives are always late.

I had a weird smile I know...

Oooo~~~ Before coming to Dataran Merdeka, I went back to change and tie up my hair coz I couldn't possibly turn up in DAtaran Merdeka in my sleeping clothes (I was in my sleeping clothes before this) and with the extremely messy hair rite?

Note: the difference between pyjamas and sleeping clothes is that pyjamas is worn at night and sleeping clothes is worn at any other time except for night.

No, my photo taking skills did not become bad. Sinren was holding a piece of grass don't know for what...

I like the feeling of sitting on grass and watching concert or whatever. But of course the grass had to be clean la. And if we brought a mat would be better.

We sat very far away from the stage. And this is what I managed to take of the stage.

We watched from the big screen but the quality of the big screen was damn bad. (>_>)!

It had not start for a long time and we got bored and wanted to be romantic and look at the stars in the sky but sadly there was not even a fart of stars on the skies.

Its so pathetic I had to put in stars on my own

My perfectly shaven legs


The hand that I loved to hold

We got so bored that we took these "artictic" shots. HEhe~

Tried catching the lady but she was too fast :(

Catching something that is not moving is better :D

Became emo after waiting too long

Drug addict???

Some of the photos were courtesy of Sinren Liow's K770i. Including this one above. His flash too geng liao la. I became too fair.

Erm... of course the scratch was added in and not by the camera phone.

DBKL, my favourite building

Coz its so colourful... And can see a lot of pictures on it. Hehehehehe~ Why am I so childish???

The famous Bukit Aman Police Station

ITs so famous that my church's Parents' Day sketch used it as a scene. And Paulie was caught and put behind the bars in "Bukit Aman". Hahahahahaha~

Nama nie Bukit Aman...tak aman langsung.

Anyways, the show started an hour late. And they dragged the thing further more due to the endless speech that the people gave.

No photos or videos of the show coz we sat too far. But then to make you guys regret for not going I will tell you guys what countries show up... There was Malaysia (well, duh!), Indonesia (four groups came), Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Korea and Venezeula.

The show was nice. But it got a bit boring in the middle coz the beats that INdonesia played was like almost the same. So we went walking for a bit.

My fringe is the most disastrous thing that is happening right now. I've gotta go back to Yvonne's salon to get back my thick, straight fringe.

We got really lame and wanted to do jumping shots like how Jane did in her Penang trip and also how some other people do in their blogs.

Getting ready to jump but was scared that people would look at me. HEhe~

failed coz I was just about to jump

Jane said I looked like a chicken. HAha~

Yay! Did it!

If you wanna have a good laugh, click on the photo to enlarge and look at my priceless expression. Hahahahah~ CAnnot tahan.

Ich fliegen!!!

Click to enlarge coz its damn funny also.

Ok.. enough funny photos of me. Now its Sinren's funny photos time.

Preparing to jump

No, he's not doing hip hop, Jane...

My constipated boyfriend


This is also a shot of him preparing to jump. I'm a lousy photographer coz I can't seem to take of his jumping shot.

He did it... I mean I did it coz I managed to take a photo of him jumping. But he was not satisfied coz he said his face was covered.

This is the most hilarious I tell you... Hahahahahah~ This is a photo of him landing after jumping. Hahahahahah~ DAmn funny I tell you. Like the wind damn strong. HAhahahahahaah~

Hip hop dancing again


SKy high...

DAmn high right he jumped? DAmn jealous. I can't do it. All I could do was the Patrick Starrfish jump. -___-

After jumping up and down and making people looking at us as though we were crazy. We sat on the road and took emo photos...

Attempting some ANTM shot

Sampat bf

Gangster mane nie?

Hyuk hyuk hyuk~~~~

Emo again...

Caught up with my emo-ness

Favourite photo of the day

Crazy couple

Went back at 1am after watching Korea's performance. There's still one more performance by INdonesia but we couldn't bare to watch another group from Indonesia.

Had a wonderful day that day. Tired but was satisfied. But then due to lack of sleep. I couldn't stay awake during Sunday service. Bad....

Anyways, I saw the best public toilet in KL....

Like pub wei!!!!


And the interior was fabulous. Worth every Rm0.20 paid.

Ok lah... Gotta go do my endless work now. T____T Bila break baru datang????

Next post: SJ Nite 2008/2009


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