Monday, August 11, 2008

Random updates

This is the cheeky boyfriend whom I love like crazy... See how sampat he looks on the webcam. Hehe~

Currently watching...
Hachimitsu to Kuloba or in English, Honey and Clover
Its a comic/anime turned drama series. I loved the anime like hell and would watch it on Animax every night at 7pm when I had the channel.
Its about five Arts University and their perspective about love. And in between them there's like triangle/rectangular relationship which is quite complicated.
My favourite character in the anime is Hagu, which is the little small girl from village coming to Tokyo for the first time. SHe has the thinking of a child, extremely naive but does wonders in her drawings. She's the main reason that I decided to download this drama.
This is the anime Hagu:
She's so cute right? But then much to my disappointment the girl who acted as Hagu is not as cute as this.
The anime's Hagu is really short and would hide behind people who she's comfortable with. But then the drama's Hagu is damn tall. Don't look like her at all.
Actually the whole drama is quite boring unlike the anime. Or maybe I'm just too stressed to concentrate on the drama. Can't even finish episode one in three days. Zzzz....
Saw this dress on some online boutique. NIce or not? Help me to decide whether to buy or not.
I forgot the price but its damn nice lo...
But then I'm kinda broke...not kinda, its extremely broke for the moment. I don't even have money to buy milk to drink. T___T DAmn sad ok? I crave for Goodday milk for a very long time already.
Never mind. Money lost can be earned again. Don't know where I learn this but its in good use. Haha~
I don't know whether my thesis title is viable or not coz my advisor had not officially told me that it is. And what's worst is that he's not free for the whole week and my damn presentation is next week. HOw now you tell me?
You guys probably think that I should be doing more research on it but instead i'm procrastinating whole day long. And I had been sleeping more than I should be. (~_~). Don't know why am I so tired. Is it the stress? Even now, after taking naps for 3 times today, I felt like sleeping. Zzzzz....
Wanna go read Popteen to release stress la.

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