Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Shopaholic and Food maniac...

Uni starts and it marks the beginning of my shopping spree. Whoopee!!!

The other day Li Shan asked Esther, Shiu Li and myself to accompany her to buy something at Jusco, MV. But instead of her going on a shopping frenzy like usual, it was the rest of us who bought more stuff than her. Heheh~~~~

I tried lots of clothes at FOS but of course didn't buy of them lah... But still can take camwhore pics one right?

I love this tube. So summer right? I always wanted to get a tube like this but hardly find the one with the price I can afford.

This one is only RM17 y'all. But then its too loose and I don't wanna walk until half, my boobs (or the lack of it. HAhaah~) to make its appearance to the world.

Anybody the same tube in any other FOS???? Can tell me got size S or XS or not??? I want it badly. OR if anyone saw any tube looking like this in any other shops cheaper than RM30? Please holla at your girl.

Nice not? I've never had any orange top. Do I look dark wearing orange?

Shit! I think my tummy is showing. T___T I've became fatter.

Look at the print on the t shirt... Its a cross-over of tokidoki and hello kitty. Damn nice!!!!

I wanted to buy it but then its RM30. Not that I can't afford but I don't think it worth the RM30 coz its texture is quite thin.

But I had decided to buy it. Hahahahahaah~ Maybe next week. Hahahahahaha~ Now I'm contemplating which colour to buy. Coz it comes in orange and white. Orange or white???? Hmmmm....

Ok now for the only thing I've bought...

Its a knee length jeans!!!!

Finally I've found the only knee length pants that fits me. Erm... actually it didn't fit me perfectly. I don't know what's my size so I took a size 2. But then its a bit loose. There's no size 0. So I just buy it lor coz there's suspenders which can make it stay. Hopefully I can become fatter and fit perfectly.

ITs half priced. So instead of RM60+. I only paid RM30+. Woots!!!!


Now for some backdated that were not posted before this.

Remember before the break I had the thesis proposal presentation?

On that morning, I made myself a nutrious breakfast which is...

Hehe~~~ Its counted as nutricious coz usually I don't have any breakfast. Compared with that this is already very nutricious.

But then judging from this...

That's the oil from the bacon

Its really is not nutricious at all. HAhahahahahahaha~

Happy morning and happy breakfast for an important day

Anyways, about my presentation... it went quite well. I mean I presented it well but then the lecturers think that my title is too common and people come up with the same conclusion everytime. So I either continue with that boring title or... come up with something fresh. Sigh~~~ I have not decided yet. WHat to do.... What to do...


That day back in Melaka I was being a brat again and was making a lot of noise wanting to eat something. And guess what mama brought back the other day...

What's inside? What's inside?

This is what I had been craving for

See... my mother's so good lah... I say only I wanna eat egg tart and she went to bought it. So terharu ok? I mean I wasn't serious about it. I just have the tendency to crave and ask for food during my PMS. Like pregnant like that. HAhahahaahahha~

Yum yum~~~

Tart also can camwhore. Hehehehehe~

Eat until like that sure damn delicious lah....

This week will be back in MElaka again. Yay!!!!

K lah... Wanna go d.

Actually wanna tell you guys about lots of things but then kinda busy. Will be back to tell once I have less work la.


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