Wednesday, August 13, 2008


The drama version of Honey and Clover is boring me to the bones.

So I went to download the Taiwanese version. The actors are quite similar, almost a photocopied version from the anime but their acting is too fake and looked so irritating.

Finally, I resort back to watching...
...the anime

Which is a zillion times better than those drama version.

I decided to watch back from Season 1 Episode 1. Till now its already the 3rd episode. Hehehe~

I know I should be studying German coz I'm having test tomorrow. But then its damn nice and hilarious lah... Can't stop.

Didn't even do any reading for my thesis at all. T____T

Whole day was spent on Honey and Clover. T____T

Nothing else done. T___T

Anyways, the washing maching is spoiled. T___T Had to wash by hands. So sien... Tu lah. Too dependant on the washing machine. Now will have to suffer.

Ok lah... Wanna go study German le la...


p/s: I'm so obsessed that I downloaded lots of Honey and Clover's wallpaper for the computer. Heheheheheh~ Damn nice ok?

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