Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sorry to those who can't load my blog properly before this

People had been telling me that my blog couldn't load properly when they type in the url and had not been able to read my blog for a couple of months already. I thought it was their problem and only tell them this: "Use streamyx laa... who ask you to use landline?" Coz at home, with landline, I couldn't open my own blog too. Then there are some who answered me: "Yala, my house use streamyx laa..." Didn't wanna admit that it was my problem or anything to do with me, I told them: "Maybe you should pay more for your streamyx." Hahahahahaha~

FEw days ago, I was reading Xiaxue's blog and came across this post. *check it out*

Her problem was almost similar with mine. So I decided to take off the poll and voila! It worked. It loads damn fast now and that's me a very happy woman. Hehe~

So sorry to those who told me the problem earlier and I didn't bother to listen. If I did, the problem might be solved earlier. Sorry yer.

Not much to update lately coz I'm busy with the thesis' proposal presentation's preparation. Getting more and more stressed and tired.

Will be meeting cousin Vivian later coz she's in KL again. Whee~~~~~

For the moment gotta go feed my brain with more info about the thesis. Zzzzzz~


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