Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Will we ever get sick of Cineleisure and The Curve?

I'm back in KL and I'm sleeping over at Li Shan's. Coz we went to sing K in the afternoon instead of me going for my Ko-K meeting. Shhhhhh~ Don't tell anyone yar... Hahahhahahahah~
Will post up the few photos we took during our K session and also some crazy videos we took of us singing. Hahahahha~ Damn freaking hilarious. Couldn't upload now coz I didn't bring my camera cable over to her house.
Anyways, backdated photos which I didn't manage to post them up before I return to Melaka for my long weekend (when is the next long weekend man??? I need it desperately...).
Last week, my besties decided to hang out after class coz we had not really had a hangout session since the sem start. So we went to our fave place to hang out...
Some of you might already read about the same thing in Li Shan's blog *link* but for those who can't read mandarin and need a english version of her post. READ MINE!!!!
We went to this newly opened cafe in Cineleisure called Ah Cheng laksa which of course offered laksa and many other food. We were attracted by the cheap lunch sets which cost less than RM50 to feed the 5 of us.
Ah Cheng laksa had some sort of like Japanese-ish interior design. Or is it zen-ish??? Hmmm...
Those who went to the hang out session were:

My godbrother called Esther Ah Cheng for no reason after meeting her in one of our Melaka trips. So I was like teasing her that its her shop and maybe we should get discounts coz we are such good friends. Thus, the I-don't-care-what-you-say face. Hehehehe~

Why does she always look so good in candid photos? Its so unfair!!!

She doesn't allow a face up shot coz she had this enormous zit somewhere on her face. Heheheheh~

Love her RM128 MNG hooded jacket. Must get it no matter what!!!

She and her dorky specs...heheh~

Gosh!!!! My eyebrows are getting more and more bushy!!!! Somebody do my brows for me coz I don't know how the hell to shape them perfectly!!!!

Doing what I love best...

Best thing to do while waiting for y0ur food is to sms. Hehehehehhe~

WE were damn hungry ok? Coz none of us had breakfast but the food was quite slow. Waited till wanna die d, only the drinks sampai.

My honey lemon which tasted damn nice. Could compete with 99 steak's honey lemon ok? It was that good...

And the top right one is Li Shan's coffee and bottom both Shiu li and Mel ordered the same ice lemon tea.

After waiting like crazy and about to faint, food finally arrived.

Mel mel getting ready to dig into the food

Both of our sets came with these two which is assam laksa on the top and curry laksa on the bottom.

I didn't really tried the assam laksa. I think I didn't try it at all coz I don't remember the taste at all. But the curry laksa was mediorce only. I tried better ones. But this one boleh tahan lah. Not say not nice but not say until damn delicious also.

But the best I had was at Taman Medan which costed RM15 per bowl. Of course la nice right? Coz you see the price also know.

Oh ya! Shiu li, Esther and I shared a set while Mel and Li Shan shared the other.

This is what Shiu li, Esther and I had in our lunch set other than the two laksa I mentioned about above... Assam fish with rice

Look at the fish!!!!

I must say the assam fish is much better than the laksas. Its really spicy but it had this sweet fresh taste from the fish. REally very nice. And its a bit sour which is my favourite sort of taste. ^V^ Next time if had the chance to go there to eat again, I would rather just eat the assam fish with rice than eating the lunch set. Coz its the best dish among the three dishes in the lunch set.

Beef rendang nasi lemak

This was from Mel and Lishan's lunch set.

The juicy beef...

I think I talked too much that I forgot to try their beef rendang. I heard them said it was damn good. So stupid didn't get to try it. -_-lll

After lunch, all of us rushed to the toilet. Coz all of our food was spicy so we drank lots of water to wash down the spiciness. Thus, the full bladder. Hahahahaha~

So vain...

Tu lah perempuan. Go toilet sure must re-tie the hair lah... Comb hair lah... Touch up on makeup lah... blah blah blah... no wonder so long in the toilet. Hehehehehehe~

Thanks Lishan... I looked so "gorgeous". Hahahahahhahhaha~

After the "toilet trip", we walked round Cineleisure for a bit coz there aren't really any shops left. Damn sad right? Such a nice place but business is not going well there.

This shoe shop sells the best looking pvc skin pumps of all types. Lets hope it don't close down coz I've been eyeing this pair of lovely red pumps there.

Walking to The Curve

Are you obssesed with my sexy back, Li Shan? There's lots of my sexy back shots. I know my ass is not bad but its also damn humongous. Shy lah you take so many photos of it. Heheheheheeh~

Li Shan acting tourist

We went straight to FOS upon reaching The Curve. But Li Shan and I didn't feel like buying anything so we sat down on the stuhl (German for chairs) and camwhored...

Yeeeee... my moon face spoiled the whole serene look I was creating!!!!

Much better but why do I look so dark???

The lighting at FOS was faboulous so we camwhored a little too much. Hahahahhahahahaha~

The FOS at The Curve was damn big lor. Compared to other FOS I've been to lah. Coz others arh the guys' clothes damn little only but here there's lots of guys' clothing. Wanted to get a tee for my neney dear but don't know which to buy. Too much choice also hard to decide sometimes. Heheheheh~

The rest of the gang was shopping like mad while Li shan and I got really bored. We were sitting straight facing the winter coats corner and i think boredom went up to our heads, we decided to play around with the winter coats.


So cold konon!!!!

Pink coat rocker...hahahhahaah~

Woops! My top too short d can see my tummy. Paiseh arh...

Oh ya, did you guys realised that I'm wearing the knee length jeans that I got at MV's FOS? *check out that post* DAmn nice right? But its really damn loose. Maybe I should wear a belt with it when I'm not using the suspenders? What do you guys think?

Fellow rocker

So got "feel" hor her upclose photo? Like some sorta hip hop thingy like that...

Look at mine...

So ugly!!!!

I think its the people punye pasal. Sigh~~~~


Can u see the little scar on my face? On the few photos of myself above? If can't see click on the photos to enlarge.

Its the scar from Jeff's daughter's claw. DAmn that baby lah. Scratch my face like a cat and then proceed to laughter. What the hell? What type of baby does that? Never going to carry that child man. DAmn scary.

Hopefully the scar can go off or else I would have to live with a scar on my face for the rest of my lives. Mama told me usually baby's scratches won't go off for life. T___T Tell me its not true please!!! T____T

If my own baby ever going to scratch my face or anybody else's face, I'm gonna smack her for good man. Mana boleh no manners arh?

Having fun

I love this photo man. Lishan totally caught my joy of being lame. Hahaahahahhhahaha~

All of us tried on these jackets which come in a wide array of colours. And Li shan, shiu li and esther ended up buying damn.

Its damn nice but don't have the colour I want lah. So i didn't buy it.

I showed mama the jacket last week and she said its good material and asked me to get it wor... Now I'm having a big headache whether to get this factory outlet CK hooded jacket in yellow (RM60) or MNG hooded jacket in grey (RM128). Somebody give me a suggestion!!!! @___@

Damn stress lah. Don't know got people same like me or not. Thinking about what to splurge on also stress. Hahahahahahaha~ Studies I think also not until so stress. HAhaahhahahahah~

After FOS, we went Nichii. This photo says: "Hurry!!!! Grab your stuff before the sale ends"


My dear friends here are searching for perfect shorts for themselves coz its 50% off. Damn cheap wei!

Too bad don't have the type that I like. T_T

Then there's dresses which were also 50% off. I saw this damn gorgeous tube dress and went to try it.

Nice right the print on the dress???


Eh, why my legs in such kekok position one? Hahahahahhahahah~

But too bad the dress is too loose. I think I could fit better in an S size but its the only dress left and its a M. T___T

I went to MV's Nichii but don't have the dress. Don't know if Times Square got or not. But then no point going d coz sales ended. T___T

So sad... Coz I really liked the dress. T____T

Anybody got the dress and wants to sell? I would love to buy it lor... Sell it to me lah....

We walk around The Curve and saw this Brazillian wax shop and the promo ad outside was quite creative. So after doing a Brazilian wax, you'll turn him on. Hehehehehehe~ Wouldn't you wanna try it? And don't get caught in a tangle???? Is your bush looking like The Zohan's comfy cushion? Hahahahahaha~ Better get a Brazilian wax lah... You don't wanna strangle your pipi with the tangle. Hahahahhahhhahah~

Those who watched Don't Mess With The Zohan would only understand the joke. Hahahahahhahahah~

Sorry for being so lame. HAhahahahahaah~

Mel and Lishan had green tea ice cream while I was busy window shopping in one of the shops. T___T Didn't ask me to go buy together. T___T I love green tea ice cream T_____T
But then again I've got period at that time so I couldn't eat it also lah... Hehehehe~ :P
We went to Nike to get my stuff at Cineleisure before going back home. I've been looking high and low for this thing and finally I've found the perfect one in Cineleisure. So happy!!!!

So bad!!!! Take photo without me. T____T
Must be during the time I was waiting for the girl to get me my stuff. T____T

Lembap betul. Make me miss a chance to take photos with my friends d lo!!!! Tsk tsk tsk~~~~
Hahaha~ Totally joking. She was quite fast la. Just that I didn't realized that they were taking photos and didn't get to be in it.

Apa nie Shiu Li... yawn until mouth so big. Tu lah... ask you to sleep early don't want...
Not my fault for the ugly photo arh... Li Shan took it.
Paying and making sure that she give me back the right change
Do I sound cheapskate? But I don't want people to give me less change. Especially some certain people who can't really count. Tsk tsk~ What type of MAths do they learn in school arh? Different from us meh? Like most of them don't know how to count like that. You know who I mean right?

With my only buy and kepochis at the back

I purposely put on the sad face. Damn real right? Don't know why i put on sad face also. Hahaahahahahahah~
Went back after that and slept the evening away. Hahahahahhahaah~
Now for the suspense of what I got from Nike.
Aiyah~ Not much suspense lah. I bet lots of people already guessed what I bought and probably even saw it already.

Its a laptop bagpack

I finally got it. Whee~~~~ now I can bring my laptop to fac without making a big fuss.

BTW, its actually green but I don't know why the camera made it looking like grey.

Damn nice right? I like it a lot coz its just the right size I want and its fits my laptop perfectly.

There's lots of compartments to put cable, pens, mp3...etc. Very convenient. And it doesn't look like the normal ugly lapop bagpack. Got more style right? And the best thing was it was cheaper than the other bagpacks I saw. Summore those damn ugly.

Now I can bring my laptop everywhere. heheeheh~ I even brought it to sing K today and went online during the K session. Damn lame right? I know. What's the point of bringing laptop there when its time to sing your heart out right?

Aiyo... just coincidence only lah. Not purposely bring it there to online. My initial plan was to go for meeting mah remember? I need the laptop for my meeting but instead I went to sing k. Teruk betul.

Ok lah.. me gotta. Tired coz my specs had some problems and affected my eyes and made them easily tired. So now instead of wearing specs fulltime, I'm more wearing contact lense. Everytime I wear my specs I get tired easily and wants to sleep.

So see you guys with more photos in the next post.


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