Monday, September 8, 2008

Best-est friend in the whole wide world

Parveen is one of my best-est friend in the whole wide world.


Coz she's one of the few people who would do lame things with me when we're bored.

Look at this...
The black Afghan lady was killed by the specky fast and furious ninja


It was freaking cold the other day when we chat. Puff decided to wrap herself up with the blanket while I was showing her how to put tudung. Then I improvised into a ninja by putting the rest of the tudung around my face.


The ikan buntal with the freaky pig prinsezz


Can you see Sinren behind me? He was eating the pizza I bought for our dinner that day. And the pizza was disastrous. Don't know what happened to it but it was freaking hard after microwaving it. Like stone hard ok? I nearly broke my teeth eating. But Sinren don't like wasting food so that's why he was eating it. *hugs* Love you neney...

Anyways, that's about me and Puff. Hahahahaha~

Nothing much coz I just wanna show you the funny photos. Hehe~

ANyways, (I just realized that I love using the word 'anyways') as expected the weekends was wonderful. How I wish everyday was like that. Hmmm.... Can't wait to spend the rest of my life like that. It would be heavenly. Sinren Liow... when are you going to ask me to marry you? Hahahahaha~ Tak malu betul.

Not much photos were taken during the weekend except for Sunday. Coz we went to the flea market at The Street.

Pardon the ugly hair and eyebags. My fringe has once again gone havoc. And what's new about my eyebags? They are probably there since I was born. Hahahahahaha~

At Cineleisure for dinner, and we went to the Ah Cheng Laksa again. *the first time there*

Finally be able to take the signboard of a shop. Hardly get to take. Hehe~

Read this...

So unoriginal. Cannot think of better tagline? And had to copy Phua Chu Kang's Bleh~~~

Actually there was another interesting thing about the restaurant is the waiters/waitresses' t-shirt. It was written at the back "Just Call me Ah Cheng". Damn hilarious but I couldn't seem to focus on their shirts coz they kept moving around.

Sad or tired?

Another nice candid

Dearie, do you know the meaning of aesthetic shot?

What is with my hands???

Always in a weird position. Don't you think so? Look at my previous posts and you will realize it too.

The drinks we ordered: Ice lemon tea, honey lemon and orange juice

The orange juice and honey lemon was amazing!!!! Don't know bout the ice lemon tea coz I had not tried it yet.

It was the same food we ordered the last time we were there

But this time the food was not as good.

Actually it was good but don't know why it was super spicy this time that we could not finish the food. Even Sinren couldn't finish the food coz he couldn't tahan spicy food.

After dinner, we started our walk at the flea market then went to Cold Storage at Ikano to get some groceries.

Esther and Shiu Li separated with Sinren and I. We went on our own and while waiting for them we sat at our favourite spot, listen to music and camwhored...

WE bought something at the flea market...


Its a couple handphone hanger which he picked and approved. ITs quite difficult to buy things that he approved and its even more difficult to ask him to pick things for me. Even our anniversary gift that he gave me was picked by me.

We compromised and decided that he will take the girl's charm thingy and I would take the guy's.

Immediately hung it.

Look at his face!!!!!

DAmn funny ballz!!!! Hahahahahahahahahaha~

Don't mind the hair. Super oily coz its like that most days. Haha~

I wanted to take a photo of the hangers on our phone but fail coz the thing don't wanna stop moving around. Damn irritating.

That's about it. Not much photos.

Next week we wil be back in MElaka for Midautumn and then one very special day in 8 days. Whee~~~~ So damn excited!!!

Ok lah... Wanna go wash clothes.

Like cannot finish like that. Damn tiring.

Ok lah...


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