Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The blur sotong

Post no.3!!!

Lately I've been really not well.

How to see that I'm really not well you ask? If I'm sleeping more than I should, I'm not well. If I keep drinking water like a fish, I'm not well. If I have a blur look on my face (I have the alert-as-a-mouse look most of the time), I'm not well. If I can't hear and understand you properly (I usually understand people in a micro second), I'm not well. If I kept "Huh?"-ing to everything you asked me, I'm not well.

Oh gosh!!! I'm extremely not well now coz I have all of that and more. T____T

The other day I was webcamming with my dear ol friend Paulie coz we had not seen each other for ages coz I have not been home that often. (I haven't even been to his new house T____T) He was talking to me and I "Huh?" at 9 out of 10 questions he asked. He got damn frustrated and decided not to talk me anymore. T____T

Print screened conversation and look at my face, man!!!!
Just to let you know I didn't do that face on purpose. Coz I wasn't even looking at him. I just added in the question marks to intensify how blur I looked.

And from that day onwards my name was Blur Sotong. T____T

I don't wanna be blur. I wanna be myself back. Somebody make my sickness go away.

I miss all my friends back home. Can't wait to meet them again. Call me out la people. I am damn free now. Plus I've got my license back (long story...). I wanna see all of you!!!!

And Puff, where's my candy???? I want them now!!!! *rawr!!!*

Ok. Wanna go sleep coz I wanna get better from my stupid sickness.


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